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Center for Ecological Regeneration: A Charge from the Land

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By Jacqueline Anderson, Master of Arts in Public Ministry, Ecological Regeneration Concentration

In the book of Genesis humans are the last to be created, after all of the other creatures. Vine Deloria, Jr. reminds us that, as the younger siblings of creation, we must look to our older siblings to know how to live well on this earth.


From ones that have changed the course of the river

May you not forget the silencing of our voice

May you find hope in our restoration

May you look to us for guidance on how to live harmoniously

with the symphony of life


From the great spotted ones who graze and watch closely

May you find spaces of peace and a practice of holy curiosity and contemplation

May you be watchful and responsive to the needs of the community

and the direction of the Spirit


From the ones who bring music to our wetlands, woods, and prairies

who soar above us, night and day

May you keep a wide perspective, seeing the whole

May your work and prayers rise like songs on powerful winds

and be heard by the Spirit

Wild Onion

From the first pungent green to emerge in the spring

May you reach toward the sun by way of rooting yourself in this soil

Look how we live in community with our verdant siblings

May you draw closer to the Spirit by way of the earth


From the great subterranean web of nourishment and mutual flourishing

May you enrich the lives of the people

Composting pain and loss

And become a great earthy network of abundance and kinship


From the collective of ancient ocean creatures, united by pressure and time

May you too be a strong collective of diverse beings and voices

Recover your long-forgotten spiritual practices

And join us in our ancient cry for liberation and justice

Water from Lake Michigan

From one who birthed life from the primordial chaos

the great nourisher who held the waterwalker

the powerful connector who shapes the land

who continues to nourish in the midst of our ambivalent offerings

May you be connected to lifegiving communities

like the waters through rainfall and rivers

May your works for justice and healing roll down like the creeks

refresh the parched earth,

and puddle in the hearts of the people

Together, we, as elders, as siblings

have come to tell you

Teach others our stories

Help them learn how to hear our voices

Invite us to co-teach with you

We are kin

We are all related

And we are eager to co-labor with you

for the flourishing of all

Know that what you need is here