Virtual Tour

Explore campus from the comfort of home


Want to see what our campus looks like but aren’t able to make an in-person visit? Take a self-guided tour via our Google 360 Virtual Tour!


For the best Google 360 Virtual Tour experience, here are some tips:




    • Navigate to different areas of the the map using either the arrow keys on your keyboard or clicking on the white arrows
    • Click and drag your mouse to look all around you
    • Use the scroll feature on your mouse or click + or – in the bottom right to zoom in and out




    • Use your finger to look around the area and tap the white arrows to move to different areas
    • To zoom in and out, do a pinch gesture
    • For best view, click on “View on Google Maps” (you must have Google Maps app installed on your phone)


Sacred Spaces


Classrooms & Meeting Places

Dining Area & Lounges

Styberg Library

Other Spaces