Scholarships & Financial Aid

Every student receives a scholarship at Garrett


At Garrett, every degree-seeking student receives a scholarship. No separate scholarship application is required – simply apply for admission and you’ll automatically be considered for a scholarship!

The scholarship has been huge in that it made seminary fit much better into our family’s budget. As a household managing daycare costs for a toddler, we needed seminary to not add another major education expense to our finances. I’m extremely grateful to the seminary and donors for their generosity!


Demetrius Davis

Master of Arts in Public Ministry


Students applying for the fall should complete their application by August 1st to receive a scholarship between 50-100% of tuition!


Scholarships for your unique passion and calling


We offer a variety of scholarships for full-time and part-time students. Our scholarships are designed with an eye toward each student’s unique passion and our mission. For masters degree students enrolled at least part-time (minimum 5 credit hours), scholarships range from 50% tuition to 100% plus tuition. Stipends are also available!


You are automatically considered for every eligible scholarship upon submitting your admissions application.


  • Asian/Asian-American Scholarships
  • Church and Black Experience Scholarship
  • Christian Education Scholarships
  • Community Engagement Scholarships
  • Congregational Leadership and Church Planting Scholarships
  • LGBTQ+ Reconciliation Scholarships
  • Mission & Service Scholarships
  • UMC Scholarships

Fellows Programs to supplement your educational experience and financial aid package


Garrett offers three Fellows Programs for master degree students:


    • Deacon Fellows
    • Pan-Methodist Fellows
    • Hispanic-Latinx Fellows


The Fellows Programs provide scholarship support as well as additional educational and formation experiences for students accepted into the program.