Centers & Institutes

Our centers and institutes bring together the seminary, local, and global communities


Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary’s centers and institutes enrich seminary life through lectures, workshops, and conferences. They also offer new perspectives, resources, and continuing education opportunities to the wider community outside of the seminary.

Center for Asian/Asian American Ministry

Established by the seminary in 1984, the Center for Asian/Asian American Ministry (CAAM) is home away from home, a haven, for our Asian descent students at Garrett. The CAAM invites our Asian descent students to explore, critically reflect, and thrive spiritually, academically, and experientially at Garrett.

Center for the Church and the Black Experience

Founded in 1970, The Center for the Church and the Black Experience (CBE) is committed to empowering and training persons to be prophetic “leaders of leaders” for the African American religious community and society-at-large.

black history month planning meeting

Center for Ecological Regeneration

The Center for Ecological Regeneration provides opportunities for eco-theological education and formation, advancing implementation of the seminary’s sustainability plan, and collaborating with internal and external partners to foster reparative actions for ecological justice throughout the Midwest bioregion and beyond.

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Hispanic-Latinx Center

The Hispanic-Latinx Center’s mission is to meet the needs of Hispanic-Latinx students, pastors, parishioners, and community leaders in creative, insightful, useful, and organic ways. It also seeks to cultivate a community of friends who have a heart and concern about the realities of Latinx communities across the United States, Latin America, and beyond.

Rueben P. Job Institute for Spiritual Formation

Established in 2012, the Rueben P. Job Institute for Spiritual Formation is an initiative for continuing education in spiritual formation of laity and clergy. The Institute, as well as the Rueben P. Job Endowed Chair in Spiritual Formation, are a lasting legacy to Bishop Rueben P. Job’s lifelong commitment to his field and ensures that Garrett continues to prepare well-formed spiritual leaders for many generations.

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Stead Center for Ethics and Values

The Jerre L. and Mary Joy Stead Center for Ethics and Values (Stead Center) draws together seminary resources, graduate professional schools, area pastors, and laity to address the compelling ethical issues facing contemporary society.

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Styberg Preaching Institute

The Ernest and Bernice Styberg Preaching Institute resolves to assist Christian leaders in the development of theological and practical disciplines necessary to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ faithfully to contemporary cultures. It represents the seminary’s partnership with the church by preparing persons for vital, effective Christian preaching.

Gennifer Brooks Preaching