The spirit calls everyone to ministry, and in many forms. Garrett walks with you as you discover meaning and purpose in your calling. 

Create unforgettable memories that reach beyond the church and the classroom.

Inclusive, student-first, and grounded in faith

100% of students get a scholarship

28 denominations in the student body

1:8 faculty-to-student ratio

18 countries in the student body

“I am safe to bring all of who
 I am into the space as I learn and grow.”

Rachel Shepherd, a Master of Arts in Pastoral Care and Counseling and Master of Divinity student, chose Garrett-Evangelical for its program offerings and its progressive community.

Rachel Shepherd

Housing options that extend the student experience to the local communities

Garrett offers a wide range of affordable residential housing options. Close to campus, public transportation, gorgeous Lake Michigan, and all your daily living needs, our residence halls and apartments are ideally located and well maintained.

Living room

Find the best degree program for your future ministry

Our degree programs integrate rigorous academics with real-world application. The leaders we prepare will not just manage churches, organizations, and institutions, but will lead movements in their local communities and our world.

students talking in the library
Your spiritual journey awaits

Thrive in your spiritual, emotional, and academic needs 
at Garrett-Evangelical.

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At Garrett, we prepare students to thrive as creative, innovative, and spiritually-centered leaders who bring the resources of their faith to the seminary, the sanctuary, the soil, and the streets.


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