LGBTQ Studies Concentration

As a part of our partnership with Chicago Theological Seminary (CTS), students at Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary have the opportunity to complete a concentration in LGBTQ Studies.


Master of Divinity students wishing to complete the concentration will take a minimum of five courses that CTS has identified as an LGBTQ concentration elective. Courses will be offered in a mix of online, intensive, and regular semester courses on the CTS campus in the Hyde Park neighborhood of Chicago. Students completing the concentration will have it reflected as a concentration on their Garrett-Evangelical transcripts.


More information about specific courses and the requirements that they meet can be found below. If you have additional questions, please contact registrar@garrett.edu.

Process and Policies

  1. To register for classes at CTS, students will use the information below and the course schedules on the CTS website to select the course(s) they wish to take.
  2. Once the course selection has been made, the students will submit an ACTS cross-registration form to the Garrett-Evangelical registrar’s office to indicate the course(s) and to confirm their intention to complete the concentration. The Garrett-Evangelical registrar will send the registration form and an indication of student intent to complete the concentration to the CTS registrar.
  3. The visiting Garrett-Evangelical student will be contacted by CTS once the registration has been approved. At this point the student will be given any login information needed to access course materials, as well as any further information they may need about the course they will be taking.

To complete a concentration in LGBTQ Studies, Garrett-Evangelical MDiv students will be required to complete a minimum of five courses listed as LGBTQ concentration electives. It is recommended that the courses cover the following areas, if possible – Theory, Practice, Biblical background, and Theological background.


Students may get a list of approved courses for the concentration from the CTS registrar or look for the LGBTQ courses in the CTS three year course plan. Students wishing to complete the concentration should begin planning early in their studies to make sure they have the time needed to complete the courses.


Below is a sample based on recent and current course offerings. Consult with your advisor and/or the registrar when selecting courses for the concentration. These courses are subject to change based on CTS course offerings.


  • RH/TEC 498: Homosexuality and the Bible
  • TEC 410: Queer Theologies
  • TEC 441: Theory and Theology of the Church: Feminist, Queer, & Ethnographic Approaches
  • LM 482: Queering Worship
  • TEC 484: Theological and Ethical Perspectives on AIDS and Violence

Cross-registered Garrett-Evangelical students will be expected to comply with all CTS academic and student policies and procedures while completing CTS courses. The student handbook and additional information about deadlines, requirements, policies, and procedures can be found on the CTS registrar’s page.

Cross-registered Garrett-Evangelical students will pay tuition for all cross-registered courses to Garrett-Evangelical. Per the ACTS registration agreement, there should be no tuition charged by CTS for these courses.


Garrett-Evangelical students are not eligible for financial aid from CTS.

CTS does not maintain residence halls or provide campus housing. Garrett-Evangelical students who may desire housing in the area while taking courses at CTS may review the potential options available on the CTS Student Life webpage.