Hispanic-Latinx Center

A community of friends who have a heart and concern about the realities of Hispanic-Latinx communities


The Hispanic-Latinx Center was established in 1988 to bring Hispanic-Latinx culture and experience into the life of the seminary. The Center’s mission has been to meet the needs of Hispanic-Latinx students, pastors, parishioners, and community leaders in creative, insightful, useful, and organic ways.


Our goal is to provide resources and academic discussions on relevant topics for Hispanic-Latinx communities addressing theological and practical aspects of ministry in cross-cultural contexts. Furthermore, we offer opportunities for reflection on complex issues related to Hispanic-Latinx experiences from a theological and social justice standpoint, while seeking to promote dialogue and partnership with community leaders and non-profit organizations that together work for the common good.

Meet the Director

Dr. Débora Junker is director of the Hispanic-Latinx Center and associate professor of critical pedagogies. Her research focuses on the work of Paulo Freire’s critical pedagogy, global citizenship, intercultural and postcolonial studies, cultural-historical theory activity, and liberation theologies.

Dr. Debora Junker

Hispanic-Latinx Fellows

This Fellows Program recognizes the unique gifts of our Hispanic and Latinx applicants who will be ministering in bilingual settings and/or who have significant contributions to make to the global religious landscape. Priority is given to United Methodist bi-lingual and/or first and second generation Hispanic and Latinx students.

Cátedra Paulo Freire

Cátedra Paulo Freire is a yearly conference that seeks to collectively imagine what it means to be a responsible Christian in today while expanding and deepening our participation in society as public theologians.

Explore Cátedra Paulo Freire

Meet Our Hispanic-Latinx Faculty

There is a sense in which every Christian is a theologian, and so I hope to help my students become the best theologians that they can in the context of their particular calling.



Dr. Nancy Bedford
Georgia Harkness Professor of Theology

Through my interdisciplinary approach to education, my areas of interest range from Paulo Freire’s work, critical pedagogy, global citizenship, intercultural and postcolonial studies, cultural-historical theory activity (Lev Vygotsky), and liberation theologies.


Dr. Débora Junker
Associate Professor of Critical Pedagogies
Director, Hispanic-Latinx Center

As a liberative ethicist, my pedagogy is grounded in the pursuit of justice and education inclusivity.


Professor Rudolph P. Reyes II
Instructor of Christian Ethics and Latinx Studies

In my teaching, I seek to inform and train future religious leaders in the practices of ‘true generosity’ so that the Church is an engine of transformation and liberation in the world, rather than a perpetuator of ‘false charity.’


Rev. Dr. Javier A. Viera
President and Professor of Education and Leadership

Participate in the Hispanic Summer Program

Founded in 1989, the Hispanic Summer Program (HSP) seeks to shape the next generation of Latinx theological and academic leaders. Garrett students can join with students from across the country annually for a two week summer intensive. Participants get the opportunity to take accredited, graduate level courses with some of the nations top Latinx faculty in an environment that centers Latinx methods, pedagogies, and stories.

The Hispanic Youth Leadership Academy (HYLA)

Garrett is proud to partner with HYLA on our campus for Hispanic-Latinx college students. HYLA is a United Methodist leadership initiative that provides an intensive summer leadership academy and a long-term mentoring experience around the topics of calling, education and Latino@ identity.

HYLA Class at Garrett