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Good Troublemaking: The Spiritual Practice of Building Better Worlds

This 6-week online course seeks to offer activist-learners and learning activists a space for spiritual reflection and renewal. One of the most transformative powers of spiritual reflection is glimpse into futures where something more just is possible. Learners in this course will engage in faith-full vision casting using methods of practical theology in conversation with tenets of social justice action.

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Financial Leadership Series for Churches

The Financial Leadership Series for Churches is designed to equip congregational leaders with financial tools and knowledge to grow greater financial wisdom, integrity and sustainability, regardless of your ministry context, fiscal position or financial health. Investing in your leadership will grow your capacity and your ministry!

Change Management Seminar

This free seminar led will teach congregational leaders how to Understand key issues that arise during organizational transformation; develop tools for managing challenges, mitigating risk, and balancing priorities; learn new methods for motivating others, engaging teams, and leveraging resources and networks; and think through a potential change initiative in your ministry setting and consider the necessary steps for successful implementation.

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