Alum Mentor Program

Connecting students and alums for mentorship and support


The Alum Mentoring Program gives all incoming Garrett students the opportunity to be paired with an alum who has shared vocational interests and gifts.


As an alum mentor, you will be the student’s partner in vocational discernment and development throughout their degree program. Together you’ll engage in personal reflection, vocational planning, and mutual support and encouragement.


As student mentee, you’ll learn from your mentor’s ministry experiences and have a safe place outside of the seminary to discuss your coursework, seminary experiences, and vocational discernment.

“I thought it was an appropriate thing for me to do, helping a seminarian, because of how I was helped early in my Christian life. I was greatly influenced by my mentors and wanted to give back.”


Rev. Fernando Siaba (G-ETS 1976), mentor

“I was interested in finding out what my mentor did right after graduation, what her call was, and what steps she took to get where she is. I also wanted to talk to someone who understands where I am in seminary and the challenges I’m facing.”


Denise Ann Belista, mentee

“I offer insight that someone still new in her ministry and calling doesn’t have. But [my mentee] has the energy and hope and passion that I could easily forget I also have if I weren’t being inspired by her. It’s a give and take.”


Brittany Sky (G-ETS 2016), mentor

“The program has given me an additional voice to the voices that I hear through the course of the semester. It also gives me another audience to share my views.”


Innis Miller, mentee

“It’s been rewarding talking to someone from West Africa. I’m also a better advisor to my students. This experience has given me a little more permission to be bolder, asking questions about students’ faith and vocational calling.”


Dr. Andy Brubacher Kaethler (G-ETS 2013), mentor

“In addition to helping students with their calling, the alums will continue to learn more about their own call and their own journey,”


Dr. Sunny Lopez (G-ETS 1987), mentor

“It’s great to have an outside observer to bounce things off of. Plus, the time commitment is perfect for a busy seminarian.”


Kelsey Burns, mentee

Interested in becoming a mentor or mentee?

If you are interested in serving as one of our alum mentors or being a student mentee, please contact Rev. Katye Chambers and she will be happy to answer any questions about the program.

Contact Rev. Chambers