United Methodist Studies Courses

Complete your required United Methodist courses for ordination


Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary offers courses that cover six key United Methodist educational requirements – United Methodist History, Doctrine, and Polity; Evangelism; Mission of the Church in the World; and Worship. These courses explore topics critical to the contemporary church through a variety of perspectives and voices, and will equip you for congregational leadership in the 21st century.


Enrolled Garrett students seeking ordination may take the required courses as a part of their degree program. Non-degree students have the option to apply as an enrichment student in order to complete the necessary courses they need for ordination.

Online, Hybrid, Hyflex, and In-Person Options Available

Our United Methodist Studies courses are offered in a variety of modalities to meet your scheduling needs. To see when a course is being offered and in what format, check out the United Methodist Studies Course Schedule.

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United Methodist Studies Certificate


To assist students at partner institutions in meeting United Methodist ordination requirements, Garrett offers a certificate in United Methodist Studies.


The certificate consists of fifteen hours of coursework which meets six key United Methodist educational requirements – United Methodist History, Doctrine, and Polity; Evangelism; Mission of the Church in the World; and Worship.


The certificate is currently available to United Methodist students studying at:


  • Anabaptist Mennonite Biblical Seminary
  • Brite Divinity School
  • Chicago Theological Seminary
  • Eden Theological Seminary
  • Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary
  • Sioux Falls Seminary
  • University of Chicago Divinity School

Process and Policies for United Methodist Studies Certificate

Students at partner schools interested in studying at Garrett will complete a Guest Student registration form and submit it to their home school registrar for approval. The registrar will then forward approved forms to the Garrett registrar for registration. The form should be completed at least 4 weeks before the term starts in which a student wishes to take a class. Information about term begin and end dates as well as registration and other deadlines can be found on the academic calendar.



Enrolled degree students at Chicago Theological Seminary are eligible to enroll in courses using the normal ACTS cross-registration procedures. The appropriate forms are available from your registrar.


Guest students will be contacted once the course registration has been received and processed; the student will also be notified should the course be full or become unavailable. The guest student will be given login information for the Garrett online portal and Moodle learning management system with instructions for accessing these sites once registration is complete.

Guest students are expected to comply with the academic policies and procedures of Garrett while taking Garrett courses.

Tuition is charged for each course based on the number of hours enrolled. Guest students will be charged at the Masters level. ACTS students pay tuition directly to their home school.


Guest students can pay with a credit card either online through the Garrett portal or by calling Garrett at 847.866.3917. Payments may also be made by check. Failure to pay before the term begins will result in a business hold. Guest students who are placed on hold will not be able to take further courses at Garrett and will not receive grades until the hold is cleared. Guest students are not eligible for financial aid from Garrett.

If a guest student will require housing on Garrett’s campus, they can contact the office of housing at 847.866.3950.