Counseling and Health Services

Caring for mind, body, and spirit

Health Insurance Requirements


All students enrolled in five credit hours or more and all PhD students through the second year of coursework are required to have hospitalization insurance, either a current policy, which will continue to provide coverage during tenure as a student, or a policy purchased through Northwestern University. Verification of such health insurance must be made each academic year.

The Northwestern University plan has two parts: the Hospitalization Plan and the Student Health Clinic for outpatient services. Students enrolled in the Northwestern hospitalization insurance plan are also automatically enrolled in the health service clinic. Students who have their own insurance may choose to enroll in the health service clinic.


Health Service Clinic


Outpatient health service (clinic) is available to any seminary student enrolled in six credit hours or more, through the Northwestern Student Health Service located in Searle Hall at 633 Emerson Street. The Clinic Use Fee is deducted from student accounts in October. Students must file a medical history at Searle Hall and pay the fee each period to utilize this service, which entitles students to medical services at minimal cost.

It is a mandatory requirement of The Illinois Department of Public Health that seminary students submit a comprehensive immunization record to the seminary. Those born after January 1, 1957, must present proof of: 1) immunity to measles (two live virus vaccinations given after 1968 and at least one month apart), 2) immunity to rubella, and mumps; 3) a primary series of diphtheria-tetanus; and 4) a diphtheria-tetanus booster within the last ten years. Students born prior to January 1, 1957, are not required to show proof of vaccinations for measles, mumps, or rubella but must show proof of a tetanus booster done within the last ten years. Records are audited annually by the state and must be in compliance prior to registration.


Although it is not required at the present time, a recent intermediate strength tuberculosis skin test is encouraged. The Student Health Service at NU provides, at minimal cost, immunizations or tests to prove students have had the diseases in question. Further information can be obtained by calling the Student Health Service at Searle Hall at 847-491-8100 for current costs and appointments.


For students covered by the Northwestern University health clinic plan, the student health service at NU provides, immunizations or tests to prove students have had the diseases in question.

Garrett expects that all students, faculty, and staff who will be present on campus will be fully vaccinated. Additionally, all individuals living in campus housing who are eligible for vaccination are required to receive a vaccine in order to stay in campus housing. Exemptions may be made for medical or religious reasons. Those individuals who are not vaccinated and have approved exemptions should continue to practice social distancing, mask wearing, testing, and self-isolation when traveling domestically and internationally. All visitors to campus are expected to provide proof of vaccination.

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Counseling Program

Caring for one’s mental health is vital. Garrett students may take advantage of a subsidized counseling program for six sessions while in seminary.

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Spiritual Direction

Garrett’s Student Life Office maintains a list of Spiritual Directors in the Chicago area who can accompany a student on a journey of deep listening and exploration of their relationship with God.