Letter from the Director

Dr. Debora Junker
Dr. Débora B. A Junker, Hispanic-Center Director

¡Amigos y Amigas, Bienvenidos y Bienvenidas!

As Director of the Hispanic-Latinx Center at Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary, I am pleased to welcome you into our community.

The Center seeks to bring together students, staff, teachers, and leaders from the Latinx community to learn from each other and, together, find new ways to engage with the wider community through academic and cultural programs that address urgent and relevant issues for our community.

It is our sincere desire to offer our students space, regardless of nationality, gender, sexual orientation, citizenship or immigrant status, where we all come together to celebrate our diversity, culture, and gifts. We understand the value of the family and recognize the efforts of many who made the path that brought us here possible. Therefore, within the set of objectives of the Center, I would like to highlight three: first, helping students to succeed in their academic life, second, providing a spiritual, cultural and socially enriching environment where they can feel at home and, finally, helping each student to achieve their life dreams in a way that contributes to the transformation of the world.

During these challenging times, we are aware of the threats facing Latinx communities across the country, including poor working conditions and speeches that aim to further marginalize our communities. That is why we recognize the importance of cultivating a deeper understanding of the complex issues related to the experiences of the Latinx community and the need to develop a sense of belonging among members of our community.

As director of the Hispanic-Latinx Center, please accept my personal invitation for you to visit and connect with us through the different channels that we have established during this time. I am sure that you will be warmly welcomed and discover new friends, experiences, and adventures that are likely to become essential in your education, career, and life.

Débora B. A Junker