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Jaewoong Jung

Jaewoong Jung

Liturgical Studies

Jaewoong Jung is a PhD candidate in liturgical studies with emphasis in homiletics at Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary. He holds degrees from Seoul Theological University (BA, MDiv), Yonsei University (ThM in New Testament), and Emory University (ThM in homiletics). Jaewoong’s research focuses on the embodied experience of divine presence in preaching, especially in the context of Korean revival preaching and Minjung preaching.

Jaewoong is currently serves as the Teaching Fellow in Preaching and Coordinator of the Styberg Preaching Institute at Garrett-Evangelical, and holds professional memberships in the Academy of Homiletics, the American Academy of Religion, the Korean Society of Homiletics, and the Korean Society of Rhetoric. An ordained pastor in full connection with Korean Evangelical Holiness Church, Jung served as a military chaplain in the Republic of Korea Army for seven years, and at a local church in Seoul, South Korea, as well as Korean American churches in the United States. Jaewoong and his wife Hyojung have one son and one daughter.

Papers and Publications

"Preaching as the Word of God: A Homiletical Conversation with Sacramental Theology, " Word in Worship Seminar, the North American Academy of Liturgy, Denver, Colorado, 2019

"Moon Ik-Hwan's Sacramental Imagination for Political Transformation in his Poetry and Sermon," The Literature and Sacred Texts in the Study of Religion section, Midwest American Academy of Religion, Muncie, Indiana, 2019

“Gender-Separated Liturgy and Moral Formation of Women in the Early Korean Church,” Korean Religions section American Academy of Religion Annual Meeting, Denver, Colorado, 2018

“Baptism as a Healing Ritual in the Early Church, focusing on Ambrose’ Catechetical Documents,” Religion, Medicine, and Healing section American Academy of Religion Annual Meeting, Denver, Colorado, 2018

“The Preaching Poet in Wilderness,” Journal of Korean American Ministries & Theology 6 (2014): 89-97.