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Recognizing the complex demands placed on pastoral leaders to serve as heralds of the gospel, teachers of the Christian heritage, chief administrative officers of the church, long-range planners, budget directors, program innovators and implementers, and personnel managers, the G-ETS Congregational Leadership track, partnering with Northwestern University's Kellogg School of Management,  offers the best possible mix of practical management training and theological education to enhance a pastor's ability to be a more effective leader. Students in this track will develop the necessary skills to understand their own leadership styles, recognize how to best lead in their local congregations, and prepare their congregations to be change agents in their respective contexts.

Students in this track will attend four sessions in Evanston per year. In mid-Fall and mid-Spring students will participate in three-day seminars led by Kellogg and G-ETS faculty, covering the latest in management and leadership studies. Each session will conclude with a discussion led by the Garrett-Evangelical faculty member who will facilitate the students' theological reflection on the content from the seminar.

In January and late-June students will attend two-week intensive terms during which they will take two courses. These courses will cover topics related specifically to church leadership, such as stewardship and renewal, as well as providing fundamental research skills for deepening the student's academic facility and helping the student better analyze the local congregation.

Sample Schedule (based on school years beginning with the Fall semester):

Year 1:

January - attend two courses

Summer - attend two courses

Fall - attend Kellogg seminar

Year 2:

January - attend two courses

Spring - attend Kellogg seminar

Summer - write professional identity paper, begin framing final project proposal (does not require coming to campus)

Fall - attend Kellogg seminar

Year 3:


January - research for final project proposal (does not require coming to campus)

Spring - attend final Kellogg seminar

Summer - research for final project (does not require coming to campus)

Early Fall - receive approval for final project and conduct ministry intervention (does not require coming to campus)

Late Fall - Write final project paper describing impact of ministry intervention and defend it.

Information on the Kellogg Seminars

Students in the Doctor of Ministry track in Congregational Leadership are required to participate in four of six seminars developed in collaboration with the Center for Non-Profit Management at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management.  Intended to help clergy become more effective leaders in their vocational settings, the seminars are led by faculty members from both schools and will focus on developing increased leadership capacity and application of management principles in congregation and faith-based organizations.  The themes include:

§  October, Year 1 - Developing Personal Leadership

§  April/May, Year 1 - Exploring Leadership in my Mission

§  October, Year2 - Financial and General Management

§  April/May, Year 2 - Building External Relationships

§  October, Year 3 - Managing People & Resources

§  April/May, Year 3 - Capstone Program: The Leadership Challenge

Dates for upcoming seminar sessions may be found at

The first and second days of each session are held at the Wiebolt Building on Kellogg's downtown Chicago campus from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. The third day DMin seminar is held at Garrett-Evangelical. Meals on the first and second days (except dinner the second day) are included in the course fee. Additional information will be sent to participants prior to each session.

Participants who complete all six seminars (two of which are not included in DMin coursework or fees) will earn a Certificate issued jointly by Garrett-Evangelical and the Kellogg School of Management.

 Sessions typically begin at 8 a.m. on the first day and conclude at 5 p.m. on the second.  Participants who complete all six seminars (two of which would be independent of the DMin coursework) will earn a Certificate of Excellence in Church Leadership, issued jointly by Garrett-Evangelical and the Kellogg School of Management.

For specific questions about the Kellogg seminars, including registration information, contact

List of Possible Courses

The following are a list of courses that are commonly offered as part of this track:

"Spiritual Disciplines for Leadership"

"Leadership for Pastor and Laity"

"Stewardship and Institutional Development"

"Administration and Leadership"

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