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Meet Uziel Hernandez

 MG 2573Hometown in Mexico
Veracruz, Mexico
Hometown in the U.S.A.
Lafayette, TN.


Home Church & Denomination
Chapel Hill United Methodist Church and Iglesia Metodista Hispana “Manahaim” (Spanish congregation at Chapel Hill UMC).
My denomination is the United Methodist Church.

B.S. in Religion and Philosophy, Martin Methodist College

Degree Program/Year
master of divinity, second year

Background Information
I am originally from Mexico but have been living in the United States for about 10 years. I finished my undergraduate studies at Martin Methodist College. I can speak English and Spanish proficiently. I enjoy playing soccer, racquetball, rugby, football and tennis. I like to draw, sketch and paint whenever I get the chance. I also enjoy going to church and reading the Bible. I especially enjoy reading the New Testament in Greek. My favorite food is Japanese but I can eat just about anything. My favorite drink is coffee and my favorite fruit is banana. I like to have coffee with banana every morning for breakfast.

I had been given a lot by people who loved me very much. As a result, it is in my heart to do my best in my studies, life, work and ministry, and to serve others, my family, my church, my community and my society. In doing this, I will be able to bring honor and respect to those who put their trust and effort in me. Thus, I believe being a pastor and scholar is the best way in my situation to serve others and achieve my goals in my life. God speaks to us all in many different ways. I want to be ready theologically and academically to listen and act for the well-being of the other, the one who needs me.

Attraction to Garrett-Evangelical
When I was looking for a graduate school, someone suggested that I look at Garrett-Evangelical. I really didn’t know much about the school; however, soon after a visit to the campus, I felt that Garrett-Evangelical would be a place where I could develop my theological, academic, and spiritual life. The students, staff, and faculty at Garrett-Evangelical are very hospitable. I constantly feel the support I need to be confident that I’m on the right path. Also, the great resources, academic, financial and spiritual, Garrett-Evangelical offers for the students are very extensive. 

Career Plans
I am seeking ordination in The United Methodist Church. Also, I want to continue with my academic work and get a Ph.D. in theology or philosophy someday. In addition to this, I want to work with churches to find ways to connect points of mutual understanding between Spanish-speaking churches and English-speaking churches.  Both churches are very complex and different; however, I believed that in our differences we can have mutual points of similarities in communication, justice, action, ethics, and work. As Christians, we all have been called to teach, preach, and become immersed in the gospel of Christ, a gospel of freedom, liberty and mutuality. It is my desire that my work in the ministry reflects the message of Christ and it is my desire to be of service and support to my family, church, community, and society in all that I can.

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