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Dr. Dong Hyeon Jeong releases new book “Embracing the Nonhuman in the Gospel of Mark”

Congratulations to Dr. Dong Hyeon Jeong, assistant professor of New Testament interpretation and director of the Center for Asian/Asian American Ministry, on the release of his book “Embracing the Nonhuman in the Gospel of Mark.”

Drawing on the fields of nonhuman studies and postcolonial ecocriticism, Dong Hyeon Jeong disrupts anthropocentric readings of Mark by engaging animality, vegetality, and animacy theories in light of (colonized) ethnicity. His intersectional reading of Mark highlights the importance of engaging nonhuman biblical interpretation while being sensitive to the issue of racism arising from animalizing the other. By doing so, this book reimagines the Markan Jesus as the colonized messiah who embraces the nonhuman.

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