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Meet Justin Lane

Name MG 5626
Justin Lane

Beech Grove, Indiana


Home Church & Denomination
Westlake Community Church of God
Church of God (Anderson, IN)

B.A. in Bible and Comparative Religion, Anderson University

Garrett-Evangelical Degree Program/Year
M.T.S., first year

Background Information
It seems like I have been an academic my whole life. As a young child, I would beg my mother to quiz me on all different types of facts when we were in the car. While I tended to enjoy history the most, my mother would “quiz” me on just about everything she could. In high school, I was very intrigued by a few pastors and teachers that would dive deep into the history and culture of the biblical text. There were many times I would get so caught up in their historical and cultural explanations that I would miss the point of the sermon. This led me to pursue biblical studies at the collegiate level.
During my freshman year at Anderson University, I took a course with Dr. Merle Strege. Dr. Strege is the professor of historical theology and an avid golfer; needless to say we got along very well. Dr. Strege became my advisor, mentor, and friend. However, the greatest gift he gave me was a love of education and critical analysis.

Many of my current classmates have great stories of their calling into vocational ministry. While I haven’t necessarily felt the “call” that they experienced, I am certain that I am faithfully pursuing the vocation and the passions that I have been given. It is my greatest hope that my academic work will positively affect the church and interreligious dialogue. While I may not serve in a parish, I believe I can contribute to the work of the church through exploring biblical texts academically.

Attraction to Garrett-Evangelical
There are two main reasons why I choose Garrett-Evangelical. First, the Old Testament faculty is exceptional. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to learn from their different experiences and areas of expertise. Second, I wanted to attend a seminary that is equally focused on good academic work and a desire to passionately serve the church.

Career Plans
Ideally, upon graduation for Garrett-Evangelical, I would immediately begin doctoral studies. I would like to study the canonical and rabbinical Hebrew writings in the Second Temple period at a university in the United Kingdom. Upon completion of my doctorate, I hope to teach in a college or university where I can do research and give future students the same gift I was given, a love for education and critical analysis.


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