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Master of Theological Studies

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This two-year degree program allows for specialization in a chosen area of research culminating in a major thesis, and provides preparation for doctoral study in religion. It can be combined with another professional degree.  Areas of specialization include the following:

  • Old Testament
  • New Testament
  • History of Christianity
  • Theology and Ethics
  • Liturgy
  • Religion and Personality

Degree Requirements - 56 semester hours

A. Designated Field Courses - 26 semester hours

The Christian Tradition in Scripture and History............ 14 hours

Bible (8 hours)

Church History (6 hours)

Theology and Ethics.............................................................. 6 hours

Theory and Practice of Ministry............................................ 6 hours

B. Specialization Courses - 15 semester hours

A minimum of five courses in the area of specialization.

C. Open Electives - 6 semester hours

D. Colloquium and Thesis - 9 semester hours

A thesis or project is required which reflects the academic specialization and the vocational goals of the student. The topic for the project is approved by the faculty advisor in the field of specialization at the time of the evaluation conference. Six semester hours of credit are granted for the thesis and three semester hours for the MTS colloquium.

E. Evaluations - Completed at mid-program and after writing of thesis

F. Program Continuation -MTS students should stay in registration until the thesis is completed by registering for either 60-693 or 60-695.

  • 60-693 MTS Research - For students who do not complete the thesis within the 57 semester hour time frame, two semesters of continuing full-time status is available immediately following the last semester of thesis credit. For continuous registration at full-time status and 0 credits. OR
  • 60-695 MTS Thesis Continuance - For continuous registration at less-than-half time status and 0 credits.

MTS students unable to stay in continuous registration may request a temporary leave from the degree program until the thesis is ready for review.

  • To leave in good standing, a student needs to complete a change of status form (registrar's office). To be reinstated you must be in good standing and write to the director of academic studies asking for reinstatement into the MTS program. This needs to be completed before your thesis reader becomes involved again in the review of your thesis, usually the spring semester before graduation.
  • Upon receiving the application for graduation and the request for reinstatement, the student will be required to register for at least one term of 60-695 MTS Thesis Continuance.
  • The degree needs to be completed within the 6 year time limit.

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