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Information for Site Committees

The Site Committee is an essential partner in field education providing hospitality, guidance and context for the student and the student's family. The committee welcomes the student into the community and provides a crucial perspective in affirming and evaluating the student's progress. The timetable provided offers a suggested schedule for the committee's responsibilities. It may be adapted as needed.

The site committee is appointed by the student's site supervisor, usually the pastor or agency director. The committee should be in place by the time the student begins work at the site. One person should be identified as the chairperson to convene the monthly meetings, set the agenda and write the student's evaluation.

In church settings the site committee should be made up of 3-5 lay members. The pastor parish relations committee should not serve as the site committee. Agencies may provide a committee of employees or volunteers. The site supervisor does not serve on the site committee.

It is important to establish regular monthly meetings with the student. This can be a real challenge so it's a good idea to have a clear agenda and propose for the meetings as you move through the year.

Learning and Serving Covenant is drafted by the student and site supervisor as the student begins work at the site. Although the committee does not help draft this document, each member should have a copy since it records the student's learning goals and serves as the basis for evaluation.

The seminary is indebted to those who serve as members of the site committee. We deeply appreciate your unique service and dedication of time and care to our seminary students.

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