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Meet Linny Hartzell

linnyhHome Town
Chicago, Illinois

Home Church & Denomination
Trinity United Methodist Church , Yorkville, Illinois

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from University of Illinois at Chicago

Garrett-Evangelical Degree Program/Year
Master of Divinity, Third Year

Career Plans
I love to teach, preach, and worship. I am passionate about the experience of hands-on ministry, proclaiming the gospel, and working for social justice. I would also like to serve the Church someday from the ‘macro’ aspect by teaching at a seminary. My ultimate desire is to serve in the ministry of Christ in any way that God leads me. 

Personal Information
I was born in Burma (Myanmar) and raised in a devout Buddhist family. My family immigrated to the United States when I was 14 years old and at the age of 16 I became a Christian.  God is my Guide and my family and ministry are my world. I enjoy reading, cooking, working out, sports, fishing, camping, sewing, quilting, and knitting, all of which I enjoy doing with my two children, Luke (6) and Abigail (9). I also enjoy traveling and learning about cultures, people, and languages.

Attraction to Garrett-Evangelical
I chose Garrett-Evangelical as my seminary for several reasons. As a United Methodist, it was important that my education provide a strong foundation in Methodism. I was very impressed with the academically distinguished faculty, their highly regarded knowledge, and their accomplished work. I wanted to be inspired and challenged by teachers with a strong academic grounding.

Garrett-Evangelical also has a great Vocational Formation and Church Leadership program. This was particularly important as I discerned my calling for a clear direction and area of ministry.  I am very thankful for this program. The program's dedicated faculty and staff provide a nurturing learning environment for students to prepare academically, gain practical experience, and develop their own identities within their personal call to ministry.

In addition, Garrett-Evangelical has a great sense of hospitality and community. I remember being apprehensive about going back to school after 13 years. My decision to choose Garrett-Evangelical was affirmed in the enrollment process.  From the admissions office to financial aid to the IT department, the staff was very helpful with their hospitality, knowledge, and resources.  There is also a great sense of fellowship among the students.  Their warmth and friendliness made it easier for me to transition.

Over the years, many people told me that I was spiritual, including clients in my wedding planning business.  At the time, though, I didn’t think that I would have to be ordained for a lifetime of devoted ministry.  It wasn’t until much later that I realized that I was on a path toward the ministry work of Christ.  I have always been drawn to working with those who are hearing impaired or deaf, or the homeless, or working with a mission project for an orphanage or social and ethical justice advocacy work.  I only had to realize and let go of my own pre-made plans for my life to be able to fully follow God’s leading to serve all God’s creations through my call to ordained ministry.

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