Student Stories

The Many Facets of Ministry

Patsy A. Echols

Meet Patsy A. Echols (G-ETS 2022)

Degree Program

Master of Divinity

What is your hometown and educational background?

My hometown is Cincinnati, Ohio. My Christian formation was developed at York Street United Methodist Church in Cincinnati. I received my BA in computer studies from DePaul University in 1999. I received my MBA from Lake Forest Graduate School of Management in 2006. I received my master of divinity from Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary this year.

How has your time at Garrett-Evangelical shaped your ministry and calling?

My time at Garrett-Evangelical was used to explore the many facets of the ministry God has planted in me, which included understanding how various societal intersections can be a great help or a great harm in how we see God. I have learned that extended grace in how I view the world and in how the world views me can yield a bountiful harvest of blessings through understanding and love. I know now that the nature of God does not fit in a cute little box, but rather extends far beyond what we can think or imagine. God really does care for each of us.

What is your most transformative experience at Garrett-Evangelical?

Two things: 1. I took the Outrageous Hope tour to Israel, and it changed my view of media representation and saddened my heart to see a hurt people hurt people. The degree of bias-ness against the Palestinian people rivaled the inequality and injustices experienced by Black people in the United States. 2. In the pastoral care class, I remember wrestling with the idea that there are no definitive answers when applying theological thought to counseling situations. I have also come to appreciate the power of the Ministry of Presence.

What’s next? What are your plans or your hopes for your future?

What’s next? Ordination in the Baptist Church is next on the “to do” list. My hope is that God will continue to equip and use me to accomplish great things. I know I have been called by God, and I’m excitedly waiting as to where God will send me.