Student Stories

Meet Grace Park

Grace Park

Degree Program(s): Master of Divinity and Master of Theological Studies

Hometown: Niles, Illinois

Why did you decide to attend seminary and Garrett-Evangelical in particular?

I’d be lying if I said Garrett-Evangelical wasn’t the most affordable option. It was by far, but it wasn’t until I interacted with faculty and staff throughout my application process that I realized that Garrett-Evangelical was even a place worth considering. I thought that if Garrett-Evangelical folks as a whole were anything like the people I had met, who would listen to my story and openly share their own, not just laud the amazing parts but also name places where the school could/ should be striving to improve, then it was worth going.

How has your scholarship enabled you to pursue your theological education?

Well, I wouldn’t be able to attend seminary without my scholarship. I am still working, but I would have to work much more in order to support living expenses if I had not received a scholarship, which would affect my present-ness in classes and classwork.