Student Stories

Holistic Care for the Individual

Haley Martin

Meet Haley Marie Martin (G-ETS 2022)

Degree Program

Master of Christian Education

What is your hometown and educational background?

I grew up in a tiny town (technically a village) outside of Lincoln, Nebraska. I attended Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa and received degrees in vocal performance and religious studies.

How has your time at Garrett-Evangelical shaped your ministry and calling?

Garrett-Evangelical has allowed me to explore my identity as an educator. Through my classes, discussions with peers, and guidance from the faculty, I’ve been able to discern my definition of education and how I want to be an educator. Part of that discernment process has been a desire to combine pastoral care and counseling into my future field of education to holistically care for the individual. Without Garrett-Evangelical, I would not be as well rounded of an educator.

What is your most transformative experience at Garrett-Evangelical?

I think one of my most transformative experiences was in class with Reverend Dr. Reginald Blount. In our class, while discussing different approaches to education, we talked a lot about what it means to have a living religion as defined by the biological factors of life. When discussing our religion in the context of life, it helped shape ways that we, as educators and people in community, could facilitate a healthy faith life. It was a huge lightbulb moment in understanding my own theology, experience of the divine, and place within a ministry context.

What’s next? What are your plans or your hopes for your future? I am sticking around Garrett-Evangelical to complete my second masters, this time in pastoral Care and counseling, chaplaincy track. I will be doing CPE in the Chicagoland area – an extended unit this fall and a residency the following year – and looking toward exploring board certification. My goals for the future are to find ways to combine soul care and education in a way that is life-giving to the communities I am working in. I hope to do this primarily in the camping ministry context, focusing on children and youth, as well as the young adults who work as the counseling staff.