Student Stories

Exploring Spirituality and Psychology: Meet MAPCC Student Allison Lundblad

Hometown: Asheville, North Carolina

Why did you decide to attend seminary and Garrett-Evangelical in particular?

I was looking for a degree program that would not only allow me to explore some of my questions about spirituality and psychology but would also fulfill the educational requirements for counseling licensure. The master of arts in pastoral care and counseling clinical track does both, with attention to many of the larger justice issues that are important to me. It also allows me to continue to pastor my church while studying, which is a fruitful combination. I can already see the ways that my studies at Garrett-Evangelical are helping me to be a better pastor and the ways that I carry the questions of my community into the classroom.

What challenges and opportunities have you found with the fall semester being online?

I’m so grateful that we are able to attend class online during this pandemic, and that online classes allow us to come together from all over the United States and even around the world. Of course, it’s much harder to get to know each other over Zoom or discussion boards, and I’m finding that I have to be much more intentional about communicating with people. I’m sure that there is an opportunity for learning there, too.

How has your scholarship enabled you to pursue your theological education?

I wouldn’t be able to do this degree at all without the seminary’s generosity, which will allow me to graduate without debt and without putting too great a financial burden on my church. That financial freedom will translate into a freedom to take some creative risks in ministry.