Mark R. Teasdale

E. Stanley Jones Professor of Evangelism


  • B.A., The American University
  • M.Div., D.Min., Wesley Theological Seminary
  • Ph.D., Southern Methodist University

The Redemption of All Creation!

I love teaching evangelism. Church leaders are often bombarded with material that hints it is only by human effort the church will be effective. The study of evangelism starts with the assumption that God is active, and that our efforts are only to participate in what God is already doing. Our job is not to generate a mission, but to look to God through Jesus Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit, expecting miraculous power to burst forth as God moves to accomplish God’s purpose—the redemption of all creation!

As a practical theology, evangelism gets to the heart of what we believe who God is, what God does, and how God forms us to be part of God’s purposes. Most of my courses take time to help students answer these questions so they can express their faith in a clear, articulate, and authentic way in word and practice. My greatest hope is that they will become public witnesses, inviting those who are not Christians to know God through Jesus Christ and strengthening the church by leading other Christians to articulate their faith.