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Lead Presbyter for Transformation/Stated Clerk

(It is anticipated that LPT duties will represent 75% of the position and the SC duties will be 25%.)

Qualifications/Education Requirements

  • Education: Master’s degree preferred
  • Ordination: Must be ordained as either a Minister of Word & Sacrament or Ruling Elder
  • Experience: Minimum of three years’ experience as either a Minister of Word & Sacrament or Ruling Elder; prefer experience in middle-body governance

Expected Skills

  • Transitional/transformational leadership
  • Values/implements adaptive change
  • Gifted in explaining and applying the teachings of the Bible, especially as they relate to the work of the PSEI
  • Understands the connectional church; partnerships within and without
  • Skilled at building and developing relationships through good oral and written communication
  • Can understand, articulate, and apply Presbyterian polity
  • Excellent record-keeping and organizational skills
  • Comfortable with and competent in using digital technology


  • Encourage development of relationships with and between churches
  • Help churches discover new discipleship opportunities
  • Build connection with churches that historically have not participated in/honored Presbytery rules/polity guidelines
  • Assist pastors and their congregations to explore outwardly and to focus on neighbors and neighborhoods
  • Encourage pastors and congregations to confront conflict, seek reconciliation in divisions, find ways to embrace diversity, and seek to be peace-makers and bridge-builders
  • Assist the PSEI membership to recognize their call to discipleship and to engage in issues facing today’s culture: injustice, inequality, divisive segregation, oppression, and abuse of God’s creation
  • Represent and encourage members of the Presbytery to represent PSEI as a Synod and General Assembly colleague


  • Help the PSEI discern God’s vision for its future direction and focus through meetings with congregations (youth to older adults), sessions, pastors, committees, etc.
  • Help the PSEI build communications systems that allow our members to grasp our shared vision and to connect with our leaders through electronic means as well as personal contact
  • Identify and guide the PSEI into a more flexible structure and polity in light of ongoing demographic changes, including churches without pastors or with temporary/interim pastors
  • Equip and support the work of General Council, Commission on Ministry, and Commission on Representation; serve as ex officio without vote member of all PSEI committees
  • Maintain official records for the PSEI
  • Partner with the General Council and Presbytery to embrace faithful stewardship of resources - financial, churches, and human.

Other Responsibilities

This job description is a guideline, intended to create greater Christian witness and stronger systemic health in the Presbytery of Southeastern Illinois as it partners with the LPTSC. We acknowledge that the LPTSC cannot complete all the tasks outlined above and that there may be other necessary tasks that are not outlined above. Therefore, the Personnel Committee commits to regular ongoing discussion and evaluation.


Presbytery of Southeastern Illinois
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Job Category: 
Administrative Ministry
Presbyterian (PCUSA)