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Director of Children and Youth Ministries

Fairmount Avenue UMC in St. Paul is seeking a full-time individual or two part-time individuals to serve as the director of children and youth ministries.

The children and youth ministries of Fairmount Avenue UMC create an environment and culture where children and youth are seen, accepted, and loved as children of God. This position develops lifelong followers of Jesus, builds Christian community, and provides leadership for faith formation programming for the youth and children of FAUMC.

This position may be divided into two part-time positions, each consisting of approximately 20 hour commitment. One position would be titled: Director of Children’s Ministries, and the other: Director of Youth Ministries. These positions would have similar duties regarding these separate programs.


Overall Responsibilities
  • Provide direct instruction, leadership, and growth of children and youth programs.
  • Participate in the innovation, development, and implementation of Christian faith formation programming.
  • Develop positive relationships with children and youth. Serve as a Christian mentor.
  • Actively engage with church families and reach out to new families.
  • Oversee program materials, resources, and budget.
  • Ensure the physical and emotional safety of children, youth, and volunteers by reviewing and enforcing Safe Sanctuary Policy, church policies, and monitoring safety of physical spaces and resources.
  • Coordinate, train and recruit volunteers.
  • Work with pastor and church Leadership to implement the overall vision of the church.
Christian Education Responsibilities
  • Develop, plan, lead, and evaluate creative, innovative, and meaningful programs that build Christian faith formation and community through Sunday School, Wednesday School, Followers Youth Group, and Summer Programming; which includes coordination of the Followers’ Summer Tour/Mission Trip.
  • Research, evaluate, and assist in selection of educational materials.
  • Collaborate with the pastor and church leadership to develop church-wide themes or goals in order to engage cross-generational involvement.
  • Coordinate and plan for children and youth participation in Sunday worship services.
  • Promote the growth of the church by actively reaching out to new families through events, programs and invitation.
Volunteer Management Responsibilities
  • Recruit, train, and support volunteer engagement in programming through regular meetings, resources, and mentoring.
  • Develop and equip youth as servant-leaders through skill development and discipleship.
Communications Responsibilities
  • Work with appropriate church committees, volunteers and staff to coordinate program activities in the context of the overall church calendar.
  • Meet regularly with the pastor to review ongoing activities.
  • Manage scheduling and promotion of events. Communicate effectively with staff, families, and congregation through appropriate means. (Including: newsletters, Sunday bulletins, mailings, brochures, email, social media, meetings, etc...)
  • Maintain sufficient documentation to ensure continuity of the various programs within this position.
Leadership Expectations. The director of children and youth ministries will be expected to:
  • Demonstrate ongoing commitment to their personal faith development and exemplify Christian daily living.
  • Serve as a role model, mentor, and coach to youth encouraging their individual and collective growth in becoming dynamic disciples of Christ.
  • Seek participation from all FAUMC children and youth and their families.
  • Work effectively as a member of the FAUMC leadership team and staff.
  • Develop lay leaders and uphold Safe Sanctuary standards in leadership development.
  • Facilitates a positive, fun community environment where all children and youth are valued and engaged.
  • Honor and respect diversity, open-minded discussions, questions and searching.
  • Participate in ongoing professional development training and networking including offerings by related organizations focused on children and youth ministry and programs.



  • College Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent experience.
  • At least three years of experience working with children or youth; demonstrated ability to organize and lead educational programs. 
  • Strong oral and written communication skills. 
  • Demonstrated ability to plan, coordinate, and execute dynamic program offerings in a timely and organized manner.
  • Experience in youth leadership development and a genuine interest in the faith development of young people.
  • Have familiarity with community youth organizations. 
  • Demonstrates a passion for Jesus, growing the Kingdom of God, knowledge of Scripture, and commitment to the United Methodist Church and teachings.
  • Demonstrates emotional maturity.


Based upon expereince

Application Info: 
Contact Rev. Shawna Horn with questions. Submit resumes by email to: or mail to: 1523 Fairmount Ave., St. Paul, MN 55105

March 31

Position Type: 
Part-time or Full-time

Contact: Rev. Shawna Horn

Address: Fairmount Avenue UMC, 1523 Fairmount Ave., St. Paul, MN 55105

Phone: 651-699-1335



Start Date: 
Saturday, June 1, 2019
St. Paul
Fairmount Avenue United Methodist Church
Job Type: 
Job Category: 
Children's Ministry
United Methodist Church (UMC)