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Student desk during a class session at Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary

Academic Accommodations for Disabilities and Medical Conditions

Academic Affairs seeks to support and assist students of Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary who are considering or seeking academic accommodations because of disability or health conditions. Ms. Krista McNeil, registrar-in-training, oversees the accommodations process and procedures.        

The first step to seeking an academic accommodation is to contact Ms. Krista McNeil at or 847.866.3978. Reasonable accommodations will only be considered for students who have met with Ms. McNeil and filed appropriate paperwork and documentation.

Types of Accommodations

Accommodations can be made for students who have documented learning, physical, medical or psychological conditions. Both long-term and short term accommodations are possible.

Some examples of accommodations that might be granted are: Classroom accommodations (ensuring accessible seating, wheelchair access, etc.); exam and testing modifications, writing support, note taking support, assistive learning systems, readers, audio recordings, large print materials, and other auxiliary aids.

Paperwork and Documentation

Students who are seeking accommodation will need to fill out some forms (see items listed "Accomodations Packet" below) and review the seminary’s entire accommodation policy.

Documentation of the student’s condition, especially for hidden disabilities or chronic health conditions, must be current, completed, and signed by a professional such as a physician, psychologist, or rehabilitation counselor.

Accomodations Packet

Please direct all questions to:
Krista McNeil
Director of Academic Studies and Registrar
847.866.3907 |

Writing Center and Proofreaders

Writing Center

The Writing Center is located in Shaffer 712. Students can schedule times to meet with the director of the writing center, Dr. Diane Capitani for assistance with content, structure, and stylistic editing for required coursework and degree-work.


The Student Proofreaders at Garrett-Evangelical offer free proofreading to any current Garrett-Evangelical student for required coursework and degree-work (theses, dissertations, mid-point reflections, etc.). They can assist with punctuation, word choices, spelling, basic sentence structure, and citations. The proofreaders do not edit or critique content. If you would like assistance with editing, content, or structure, please contact Dr. Diane Capitani in the Writing Center at For more information about the proofreaders, please contact Krista McNeil, Director of Academic Studies and Registrar, at 847.866.3907 or

The Styberg Library

The Styberg Library (formerly the United Library) is the academic library of Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary and Bexley Hall Seabury Western Theological Federation, Inc. The United Library was established in 1981 by the merger of the two collections and is now owned by Garrett-Evangelical. In 2017, the United Library was renamed the Ernest and Bernice Styberg Library, in recognition of their outstanding leadership in the Forging Our Future capital campaign as well as in previous campaigns. With the physical collection of about 400,000 print volumes, 600 periodical subscriptions, and other materials including microfilm reels, DVDs, and CDs and the online access to numerous databases and e- books, the Styberg Library is considered as one of the top theological research libraries in the United States. Collection distinctives include rare book collections in the Methodist and Anglican traditions, ancient Near Eastern studies and biblical archeology, rare Bible collections with several outstanding first editions, and manuscript and archival collections including Garrett-Evangelical institutional records, personal papers, and church archives of the United Methodist Church Northern Illinois Conference.

In addition to collections, the Styberg Library offers ample space for study, meetings, and rest with conference tables, group study rooms, private study carrels, and sofas in the lounge. The library is equipped with public computers, laptops for check out, printing/copy machines, and the state-of-art book scanner which has been highly praised by the community. As a response to the changing needs of the diverse community, the library presents a variety of programming - library research and technology workshops for students and programs for families including children’s story time - throughout the academic year.

The Styberg Library also shares a common catalog with Northwestern University Library. Garrett-Evangelical students have borrowing privileges at Northwestern and can take advantage of its 5 million volumes and 14 terabytes of unique digital content.

Through the Association of Chicago Theological Schools (ACTS), Garrett-Evangelical students also have borrowing privileges at all of the libraries in the ACTS consortium. This means our students have, in addition to Northwestern University, access to more than 2.1 million books, 5,500 currently received periodicals, electronic media and modern language laboratory facilities.


You may now request transcripts online through the Parchment Exchange portal using a credit card. Go to the Parchment site and if it is your first time you can create a new account. On subsequent visits, you can use the account you created previously. Follow the steps to search for your recipient, select electronic or physical transcripts, and pay with a credit card. Your card will not be charged until your transcript is processed.

Alternatively, you may request a transcript by completing the Transcript Form and mailing or faxing it to the registrar. Your signature is required. Requests cannot be taken over the phone.There is a $7.50 processing fee charged for each copy. In an emergency, a transcript may be faxed for an additional $3.00, in addition to the $7.50 mailed copy.

Mail the form to:

Registrar's Office
Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary
2121 Sheridan Road
Evanston, IL 60201

Or, fax it to:

Attn: Registrar's Office


Apostille Service for Transcripts

The registrar’s office is willing to submit an apostille request on the student’s behalf when needed.  Transcripts needing an apostille are notarized on campus and then submitted to the Illinois Secretary of State for certification.  Additional information can be found below.

Because the apostille requires special handling, transcripts needing the apostille cannot be requested through our online portal. To request a transcript with apostille, complete both a Transcript Request Form as well as the Application for Apostille and submit both forms via mail to the registrar’s office. Include a check for $7.50 payable to Garrett-Evangelical, a check for $2.00 payable to Secretary of State, and a self-addressed stamped envelope. A pre-paid Express Mail, Priority Mail, FedEx, or UPS envelope may also be used. These may be addressed directly to the intended recipient.

Application for Apostille

Certifying Official Documents for Foreign Use (brochure)

Certificado Oficial de Documentos para Uso en el Exterior (folleto)