Stephanie Welsh with two other chaplains

“I Was Sick, and You Visited Me”

In 2014, Welsh began to think about what’s next. “I felt that I had done what I was sent to do at the church,” she said. She also began thinking about making a change and becoming a chaplain full time. “When we think about Jesus’s mission, we think about clothing the naked and feeding the hungry,” she said. “I didn’t feel like I had had the opportunity to do that.” 

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Lives of Leadership: Called to Serve in Churches and Beyond

For the Reverend Dr. Duane Gebhard (GTS 1969, 1972), the call to serve came early in life. He grew up in Minnesota, surrounded by pastors and religious educators.

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Organizing the Co-liberating Power of the Gospel

Cassandra Chee (G-ETS 2021) came to Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary in 2018 with a call to ministry – but not necessarily a call to the church.

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From a Seminary to a Freedom School | 2022 Convocation Reflections

Not only were we captivated by the words of the story about Good News Now, but the image of Dr. Wilson reading physically transformed the chapel space. He turned Garrett’s Chapel of the Unnamed Faithful into a Freedom School!  

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Rev. Hyang Sook Choi

Alumna and Military Chaplain, Hyang Sook Choi, Sees Giving as an Act of Faith

At Garrett-Evangelical, Choi found professors who spoke to her interests and experiences…“These and other professors helped me to continuously grow as a person, as a theologian, and as a minister,” says Choi.

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Everyone Has A Story Concept word written under torn paper.

Storytelling as Spiritual Practice

For LGBTQIA+ Christians, living into our authentic selves, let alone our vocational call, is often a journey of struggle and pain. Many discriminatory barriers are setup within our Church structures and community expectations to prevent LGBTQIA+ young people from finding wholeness in Christ through their church homes. In many ways, my own story reflects this journey: finding a path to wholeness in Christ despite the voices and messages around me saying that no such wholeness could exist between the identities of ‘gay’ and ‘Christian.’

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Reverend TiShaunda McPherson and Reverend Dr. Roger Ireson Named 2022 Distinguished Alums

Reverend TiShaunda McPherson (G-ETS 2015) and Reverend Dr. Roger Ireson (GTS 1966) have been named the 2022 Distinguished Alums of Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary. Both will be honored at the 165th Commencement service on Friday, May 13, 2022, at Alice Millar Chapel, Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois.

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Kit Evans Ford

Wesleyan Investive Awards $200,000 to Spiritual Entrepreneurs, Including DMin Alumna Kit Evans-Ford

Through this award, Wesleyan Investive has recognized four leaders, including DMin alumna Rev. Kit Evans-Ford (G-ETS 2017), who exemplify innovative spiritual leadership and missionally driven entrepreneurship across the Wesleyan ecosystem.

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Lorraine Brown

Body, Mind, and Spirit: Ministering to Those Diagnosed with Sickle Cell Disease (SCD)

She received her certificate as a Kellogg Executive Scholar in Nonprofit Management and graduated with her Doctor of Ministry degree (Strategic Leadership for Black Congregation) in 2020 from Garrett Evangelical Theological Seminary.

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Dr. Evelyn Parker

Perkins School of Theology Names Visiting Professor Dr. Evelyn Parker as 2021 Distinguished Alumna

Article Originally Published by Perkins School of Theology The Perkins School of Theology Alumni/ae Council has selected Evelyn L. Parker […]

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Bishop Beverly Shamana In Memorium

Remembering Distinguished Alum Bishop Beverly J. Shamana

Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary is saddened to share the passing of retired United Methodist bishop and beloved alumna Bishop Beverly J. […]

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Dr. Evelyn Parker

PhD Alumna Dr. Evelyn L. Parker Named Distinguished Visiting Professor for the 2021-2022 Academic Year

Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary will welcome “home” PhD alumna Dr. Evelyn L. Parker (G-ETS and Northwestern 1996) as distinguished visiting professor […]

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Bill Tomlinson

Rev. Bill Tomlinson Supports Seminary Education Through His Will

Rev. Bill Tomlinson (GBI 1954) said he feels strongly that a Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary education is important — so important […]

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Jenny Hallenbeck Orr

Ministry in a Time of Pandemics: Rev. Jenny Hallebeck Orr

Rev. Jenny Hallenbeck Orr Master of Divinity, 2003Associate Pastor, McCabe United Methodist Church, Bismarck, North Dakota Since the summer of […]

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Gregory Gross with Van

Ministry in a Time of Pandemics: Rev. Gregory D. Gross

In the middle of the multitude of pandemics, I assumed the position of executive director of Care for Real, one of the largest food pantries in Chicago. In my new ministry setting, I have witnessed how the pandemics are so intertwined if not in one single knot.

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Claudia Dorsch

Ministry in a Time of Pandemics: Claudia Lee Dorsch

While many healthcare facilities even suspended in-person spiritual care to patients in quarantine or in isolation rooms, I started visiting patients with COVID-19 after I received appropriate personal protective equipment.

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Lisa Lackey

Ministry in a Time of Pandemics: Lisa Lackey

Lisa Lackey Master of Arts in Christian Education, 1992Chief Engagement Officer and Co-Owner, Insideout Living, Inc, Evanston, Illinois Even though […]

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Jon Gilbert Martinez

Ministry in a Time of Pandemics: Jon Gilbert Martinez

When I set out to answer my call to ministry, I never imagined that I would be serving during a global pandemic. I have seen many challenges during this pandemic: people’s need to come together for worship services, the limitations for those who live with mental illness to easily connect with resources, and rising food insecurity.

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Rev. Ran Yoo (G-ETS 2016) and Rev. Kook Ho Kim (G-ETS 2015)

Kim and Yoo Encourage Fellow Alums To Support Their Alma Mater Soon After They Graduate

When Rev. Kook Ho Kim (G-ETS 2015) and Rev. Ran Yoo (G-ETS 2016) graduated from Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary, they knew […]

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Rev. Dr. Temaki Carr

Organizing the Community of Faith in the Rappahannock Region of Virginia

“The Year of Crises,” 2020 is arguably one of the most difficult years in modern American history. Many Americans navigated […]

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LeAnn Pedersen Pope

From Lawyer to Seminarian to Antiracism Advocate

Before I could be an agent for change, I discovered I needed to examine my own blindness to racism and my white privilege. Startled by my findings, I learned that my views on racism and privilege—held for decades—were untethered to the truth.

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Rev. Stephen Poole

Garrett-Evangelical’s Vibrancy Inspired Steven Poole to Create an Endowed Scholarship

Rev. Steven Poole (G-ETS 1986) was at a crossroads when he decided to create an endowed scholarship at Garrett-Evangelical Theological […]

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Rosalie Jane Bentzinger 1924-2020

Remembering Alumna Rosalie Jane Bentzinger, Who Paved a Way for Women and Deacons

Garrett Biblical Institute alumna, Rosalie Jane Bentzinger (GBI 1958) of Donnellson, Iowa, died on October 25th at the age of […]

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Harlene Harden

Reverend Harlene Harden Creates Scholarship at Garrett-Evangelical to Assist Women of Color

Reverend Harlene Harden knows Black women in ministry’s dilemma – feeling God’s call but not having that call fully affirmed […]

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