Distinguished Alum Awards

Distinguished Alums 1989

Ronald M. Fassett

Ronald M. Fassett has been the Director of Metro Ministry in Grand Rapids, MI, since 1983. In this appointment beyond the local church, he has been largely responsible for the existence of three new non-white churches- Hispanic, Vietnamese, and Native America. Fassett was drawn to urban ministry while still a student at the seminary. Since then he has served several pastorates in Michigan. A member of the UM West Michigan Annual Conference, he is chairperson of the Missional Priority Committee and is on the Urban/Metro Committee. He is active in a variety of urban programs in Grand Rapids and serves on the UM North Central Jurisdiction Urban Network. Fassett received his bachelor of arts in 958 from Taylor University, Upland, IN; a Bachelor of Divinity in 1962 from G-ETS; and a Master of Management in 1983 from Aquinas College in Grand Rapids.

 John W.Z. Kurewa

John W.Z. Kurewa has been Secretary to the Parliament of Zimbabwe, Africa, since 1983. In April, he was appointed President-Elect of the UM-sponsored Africa University which will consist of seven colleges; since 1987 he has been overseeing its construction as on-site manager for the UM General Board of Higher Education. From 1978-1980, Kurewa was Secretary for Evangelism for the World Council of Churches in Geneva, Switzerland; he was the assistant from 1975-78 to Bishop Abel T. Muzorewa of the UM Zimbabwe Annual Conference. He has served as a parish pastor, has lectured at Epworth Theological Seminary and University of Zimbabwe, and is the author of a number of published articles and papers. Kurewa received a Bachelor of Divinity in 1967 from GTS; he earned the Master of Arts and Doctor of Philosophy degrees in 1971 and 1973 through the joint G-ETS/NU program.