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Our 4,500 living alumni are engaged in wide variety of vibrant and creative ministries in all 50 states and in over 30 countries. 

Landing a job doing the thing you love and feel called to do can be a daunting and difficult thing. The Office of Vocational Networking is here to help you find the right career path and assist with job placement. Offering career services support and access to a variety of professional networks, we are here to help you find and get the job that will take you into the next phase of your journey.

Career Services

The Office of Vocational Networking provides traditional career services support, including one-on-one vocational planning and job placement assistance, help with resumes and cover letters, mock interviews for both ordination and non-ordination ministry settings, and more.


Job Board Links

Association of Theological Schools - Contains information on all theological schools in North America, many of which have job postings that can be viewed by the public.

Association of Clinical Pastoral Education - Includes a directory for all accredited CPE sites, as well as frequent postings for CPE Residency and Supervisory positions.

Association of Professional Chaplains - Contains a job opportunities page that lists chaplain openings and CPE residency positions across the country.

Carney Sandoe & Associates - A service agency utilized by many private K-12 schools in the U.S. and abroad to fill position openings including teachers, administrators, and chaplains.

Career Bliss - An online career community dedicated to helping people find happiness in the workplace.

Career Builder - A large database that allows users to search by position title, keywords, and city.

Chaplaincy Innovation Lab - A list of chaplain-specific job boards to more general job boards.

The Chronicle of Higher Education - Contains a highly utilized jobs site for listings at higher education institutions, including those in faculty and research, administration, executive, and related jobs outside of academia.

Counseling Degree Guide Job Board - Contains a frequently updated list of the most recent mental health and licensed professional counseling job opportunities across the nation and in your area.

Evangelical Lutheran Church in America - Ministry opportunities available in ELCA congregations.

Feminist Majority Foundation - Provides feminists with a space to find jobs that progress the status of women or encompass their passion for social justice.

Glassdoor - An online community where current and former employers submit reviews, salary information, and other helpful tips and information about companies. Also includes job postings.

The Gospel Coalition Job Board - a streamlined job search that connects candidates with like-minded ministries and churches through a searchable database.

Higher Ed Jobs - A popular job listing site with listings for faculty, adjunct faculty, instructors, campus ministers, administrators, and more.

Higher Ed 360 - A premier meta-links site for job postings in higher education.

Idealist - A site featuring job openings and other helpful resources for those interested in work in the nonprofit sector.

Indeed - A large database that allows users to search by position title, keywords, and city. Includes a Church/Ministry section for pastoral positions.

LinkedIn Jobs - Search for jobs by keyword or location, or use your existing LinkedIn account to get recommendations based on your profile.

Monster - A global online employment solution for people seeking jobs and the employers who need great people. Also offers free resume assessments, job fit scoring, and career advice.

Student Affairs - One of the largest online job listing sites for college and university administrators with hundreds of position listings and a free resume posting service.

United Church of Christ - Ministry opportunities available in UCC congregations.

The United Methodist Church - Ministry opportunities available in UMC congregations.

ZipRecruiter - A popular online employment marketplace and is rated the #1 Job Search app for iPhone and Android. Also offers  acollection of content that is strictly educational, all of which are completely free of charge.

Talking About The Value of a Theological Degree

Talking About The Value of a Theological Degree

Graduate theological degrees can be translated into many career fields. Here are some ways to talk about the value of your degree with potential employers that are not familiar with these programs:

  • Analytical Skills 
    In pursuing a graduate theological education, students are required to do extensive research and to further develop and utilize critical thinking skills.

  • Time Management
    Graduate degree programs allow for flexibility in scheduling classes and completing coursework and assignments. Graduates have proven success in developing timelines and completing large tasks by pre-determined deadlines.

  • Communication Skills
    Completing a graduate degree from Garrett-Evangelical requires competence and skill in a range of writing forms, including concise response papers and summaries as well as lengthy, in-depth research papers. Additionally, graduates have refined their oral communication skills through discussion groups and presentations in the classroom, often through preaching courses as well.

  • Thinking Across Disciplines
    A graduate theological degree from Garrett-Evangelical requires examining topics and issues across various disciplines, and being able to integrate information and concepts in a holistic manner.

  • Intercultural Competency
    Completing a degree from Garrett-Evangelical requires developing basic intercultural and cross-cultural competencies. Graduates are able to effectively and appropriately communicate across difference.

  • Community Engagement
    Some of the most valuable seminary experiences come from engagement with the community through internships and other out-of-classroom experiences. The Field Education program provides the opportunity to engage in work in a variety of settings and then return to the classroom setting for reflection and further integration of academic learning and practical experiences.

  • Empathy
    Completing a degree from Garrett-Evangelical requires developing basic pastoral care skills, including empathy. Graduates are able to engage in conversations with active listening and empathy, and to respond with compassion and care.


Adapted from Prophetic Pathways: Exploring Vocation at Vanderbilt Divinity School 

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Garrett-Evangelical External Job Board

Garrett-Evangelical's Job Board is a collection of external job full-time and part-time job opportunities around Chicago and beyond, in various denominations, for ordained and non-ordained persons. Please note, Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary does not screen or recommend candidates for posted positions, makes no representations regarding the employers or positions listed herein, and takes no responsibility for persons hired into positions advertised on this job board.

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