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Campus Virtual Tours

Welcome to Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary's
Google 360o Virtual Tour

For the best Google 360o Virtual Tour experience, here are some tips:


  • Navigate to different areas of the the map using either the arrow keys on your keyboard or clicking on the white arrows
  • Click and drag your mouse to look all around you
  • Use the scroll feature on your mouse or click + or - in the bottom right to zoom in and out


  • Use your finger to look around the area and tap the white arrows to move to different areas
  • To zoom in and out, do a pinch gesture
  • For best view, click on "View on Google Maps" (you must have Google Maps app installed on your phone)

Explore different areas of Garrett-Evangelical using the
360o Virtual Tours in the tabs below!

Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary (Main Building)

Loder Hall

Chapel of the Unnamed Faithful (Main Building)

Howes Chapel

Prayer Garden

Leona Anita Black Prayer Room (Loder Hall)

Admissions Office (Main 1st Floor)

Housing & Events and Financial Aid Offices (Main 1st Floor)

Registrar Office (Main 2nd Floor)

Student Life Office (Main 3rd Floor)

Field Education Office (Main 3rd Floor)

Sorensen Classroom (Loder Hall)

Room 108 (Main Building)

Room 205 (Main Building)

Room 207 (Main Building)

Room 210 (Main Building)

Room 211 (Main Building)

Room 301 (Main Building)

Room 309 (Main Building)

Lucy Meyer Rider Conference Room (Stead Hall)

Loder Dining Room (Loder Hall 1st Floor)

Loder Lounge (Loder Hall 1st Floor)

Presidents Dining Room (Loder Hall 1st Floor)

Student Lounge (Loder Hall Lower Level)

Don Ott Lounge (United Library/Stead Hall)

Styberg Library Reference Room

Styberg Library Reading Room

Garrett Place Store (Loder 1st Floor)

Loder Hall Dorm Room

Loder Hall VIP Guest Room