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Something Inside So Strong: Faith, Education, and the Sacredness of All Children

We are living in tumultuous times in which people fear for their rights, their safety, and their very lives. People of faith are looking for ways to live out their faith in response to these fears but sometimes lack the training or theological basis for their work. Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary's For Such A Time As This webinars seek to respond to the needs of clergy, lay people, and congregations with theological education and practical tools to live out their faith-based activism.

Recorded February 20, 2018

This webinar is sponsored by Joseph Harrison (J.H.) Jackson Endowed Lecture Fund.

Webinar Leaders:

  • Rev. Dr. Reginald Blount, Assistant Professor of Formation, Youth, and Culture at Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary
  • Rev. Dr. Virginia Lee, Associate Professor of Christian Education and Director of Deacon Studies at Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary

Webinar Description:

If we understand that every child is sacred, how does that inform our practices of Christian education? This one-hour webinar will explore a few ways to reimagine Christian education through actual practices of child advocacy giving you tools to begin using immediately. The webinar is led by Rev. Dr. Reginald Blount, assistant professor of formation, youth, and culture, and Rev. Dr. Virginia A. Lee, associate professor of Christian education and director of deacon studies, and they are also co-executive directors of the Garrett-Evanston Children's Defense Fund Freedom Schools Program. 

Rev. Dr. Reginald Blount

Rev. Dr. Reginald Blount is the assistant professor of formation, youth, and culture at Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary. He has spoken nationally and internationally at numerous conferences and workshops helping faith communities envision new and creative ways to minister to, with, and on behalf of young people. Blount earned his doctor of philosophy degree from Garrett-Evangelical and Northwestern University's joint porogram in religious and theological studies, focusing on the areas of Christian education and youth ministry. 

Rev. Dr. Virgina A. Lee

Rev. Dr. Virginia A. Lee is associate professor of christian Education and director of deacon studies at Garrett-Evangelical and has served in various capacities at numerous churches as a deacon in full connection in the Virginia Annual Conference. She has also published articles in both academic and lay journals and has been an active participant in educational and ministerial forums and conferences. Lee has a doctrate of education from Union Theological Seminary & Presbyterian School of Christian Education. 

Joseph Harrison (J.H.) Jackson Endowed Lecture Fund

For Such a Time as This webinars are sponsored by the Joseph Harrison (J.H.) Jackson Endowed Lecture Fund.  This lectureship was established at Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary in 1993 by the Joseph H. Jackson foundation to honor Dr. Jackson, whose ministry spanned nearly eight decades. He was born in 1900 in Rudyard, Mississippi, and was a Baptist preacher and denominational leader who served 29 years as the president of the National Baptist Convention in the United States.  

In 1941, Jackson became a pastor at the historic Olivet Baptist Church on Chicago's South Side, where he served until his death in 1990. During Jackson’s role as pastor, he was involved in ecumenism and participated in the planning conferences in 1937 and 1948 to establish the World Council of Churches, making him a charter member of the Council. Jackson was also politically active on the local, state, and national levels and traveled throughout the world on numerous religious missions, served as vice president of the Baptist World Alliance, and was a member of the Central Committee of the World Council of Churches.  

This lectureship was established as an incentive to forward the movement of the ideals represented in the life and ministry of Dr. Jackson.