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Living in community can be as rewarding as learning in community. Students nurture friendships as they spend time together in study and fellowship. Conversations about faith that begin in the classroom often continue in the hallways and living rooms of seminary housing.

Garrett-Evangelical's housing options range from small dormitory rooms for individuals who spend one or two nights a week on campus to large apartments for families who live here year-round, or for two students to share. All residence halls and apartment buildings are owned by the seminary, so housing costs are lower than most rental properties in Evanston.

If you have any questions regarding housing and/or parking at Garrett-Evangelical, you can contact the Office of Hospitality and Housing at 847.866.3950.



Garrett-Evangelical has two on-campus residence halls: Old Dorm and Loder Hall. The on-campus seminary residence halls available for 2014-15 offer four possible living arrangements:

  • Old Dorm Single rooms - room designed for one person’s occupancy and furnished with bed, dresser, desk/chair, bookshelves and possibly an easy chair.

    DSC 0065     DSC 0067     DSC 0062

  • Old Dorm Suites - small private bedroom, with sitting/study room shared by one other person. Furnished with bed, dresser, desk/chair for each person; and sofa, 2 easy chairs, coffee table and bookshelves in the common room.
    See a floor plan here

    DSC 0069          DSC 0071 copy          DSC 0070

  • Loder Double rooms – very limited number of rooms in Loder Hall designed for occupancy by two students. Furnished with two twin beds, 2 desks/chairs, 2 bookshelves, and 2 wardrobes. Each double will have a private bathroom. These rooms are cable-ready.

  • Loder Hall Singles – room designed for single occupancy; furnished with full-sized bed, wardrobe, dresser, desk/chair, and bookshelf. Each single will have a private bathroom. Rooms are cable-ready.
    See a floor plan here

Old Dorm and Loder Hall are both equipped with Wi-Fi.

Loder_OutsideOther Facilities in Loder Hall: Coin operated laundry facilities are located on all three residential floors and in the basement of Loder Hall - these will be available for all dormitory residents. Dining facilities and the Garrett convenience store are located on the first floor of Loder Hall. Student mail service and vending machines are located in the Lower Level of Loder. Second floor and the Lower Level of Loder have student kitchens; student lounges are located in the Lower Level and on the first floor (cable TV in Lower Level); a TV room is located on the 3rd floor; a small chapel on 4th floor; and a prayer/study room in the Lower Level.

All students on a residence hall contract (except those staying in the dorm one night per week) are required to be on a regular meal plan unless they find it impossible to be at the seminary for more than just a few meal times. The meal plan is operated on a point system; meal plan points are spent by swiping your I.D. card at the point of purchase. Garrett meal plan points are valid at the dining venue in Loder Hall only.


There are a variety of apartment styles offered by the seminary. Garrett-Evangelical students get top priority for apartments, but there are often many available for other individuals who have an affiliation with either the seminary or Northwestern University (graduate students, faculty, visiting scholars). Unfortunately, we are not able to house undergraduate students.






Apartment Styles

Accommodations are as follows:

  • Furnished Efficiency - apartment with one main living area, small kitchen and bathroom. Furnishings may include: hide-a-bed couch, desk, bookshelf unit, desk chair, end table, 4-drawer dresser, dinette table and chairs. Hot water and heat are provided.  There is a separate charge added monthly for the cost of gas and electricity.
  • Furnished One Bedroom (3 rooms) - apartment with one main living area, one bedroom, small kitchen and bathroom. Furnishings may include: chair, couch, desk, bookshelf unit, desk chair, end table, coffee table, dinette table and chairs, double bed and 2 dressers (3-drawer and 4-drawer). Hot water and heat are provided.  There is a separate charge added monthly for the cost of gas and electricity.
  • Furnished Large One Bedroom (4 rooms) - these units are exactly like the furnished one bedroom apartments above but may have a dining room or small bedroom, in addition to the regular-sized bedroom. There are only 3 of these units.  Hot water and heat are included. There is a separate charge added monthly for the cost of gas and electricity.
  • Unfurnished One Bedroom (3 rooms) - apartment with living room, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom. Heat and hot water are provided.  Gas and electricity are metered individually and tenents make arrangements with local utility companies.
  • Unfurnished Large One Bedroom (4 rooms) - apartment with a living room, dining room, bathroom, kitchen and bedroom. Heat and hot water are provided.
  • Unfurnished Two Bedroom (5 rooms) - apartment with living room, dining room, bathroom, kitchen and two bedrooms. Heat and hot water are provided. Generally reserved for G-ETS students with families

Parking: There is a parking lot near the Maple Ave. apartments and a very limited number of garages located behind the Maple Ave. apartments. These parking spaces and garages are rented on a priority basis to students living in the Maple (unfurnished) or Maple/Noyes (furnished) apartments and do not automatically come with an apartment. Parking on the street is available at all of the apartment buildings. Residents are warned to check the parking restrictions posted at the end of the streets to avoid being ticketed or towed.

Children: Families with more than three children are generally not housed in seminary facilities. These students are referred to housing in the community.

Pets: Cats, birds and fish are the type of pets permitted in seminary apartments. Dogs are permitted, by special permission, only in the Sherman Ave. building with a dog deposit of $300.

Air Conditioners: Air conditioners are permitted in the apartment buildings. You must supply your own window unit. Arrangements must be made with Buildings & Grounds to install the unit at no cost to the tenant. All of the double-paned windows contain an insulating gas – if you install the AC unit yourself and crack the glass, you will be responsible for window replacement costs.

Apartment Tour

I. Maple Avenue Apartments  (To Top)

hos.maple-avenue-1For students with families, the Maple Avenue apartments offer full-size, one and two-bedroom units. The apartments are located less than a ten minute walk from campus. Two bedroom units are in short supply and are generally reserved for Garrett-Evangelical students with children.

The Maple Avenue apartments contain unfurnished apartments, including a living room, dining room, bathroom, kitchen, and one or two bedrooms. Laundry facilities are found in the basement, and a parking space can be rented at an additional cost in the lot directly across the street on a space availability basis. Heat and hot water are provided.

Sample 1-bedroom floor plan
Alternative sample 1-bedroom floor plan
Sample 2-bedroom floor plan

II. Maple-Noyes Apartments (Renovated January 2006)  (To Top)

hos.maple-noyes-1The Maple-Noyes apartments feature furnished efficiency (studio) and one-bedroom units, providing economical housing for single students. Only ten minutes from campus, Maple-Noyes also has the convenience of being above a coffee shop, barber, deli, and dry cleaner and within a block of three restaurants, and a neighborhood grocery store. Downtown Chicago is a 45 minute train ride from the 'L' stop, half a block away.

The Maple-Noyes apartments offer furnished studio and one-bedroom units that may include a bed, couch, end table, coffee table, desk, dining table and chairs, dressers, bookshelf and chairs. Studio apartments are furnished with a hide-a-bed couch to serve two functions. Laundry facilities are in the basement and a parking space may be rented in the lot across the street on a space availability basis. Hot water and heat are provided. There is a separate monthly charge for gas and electricity.

Sample effeciency apartment floor plan
Alternative Sample effeciency apartment floor plan
Sample 1-bedroom apartment floor plan

Maple Noyes Tour

See photos and floorplans

III. Sherman Avenue apartments  (To Top)

hos.sherman-avenue-1Sherman Avenue apartments offer great convenience as a result of its ideal location. Only a five minute walk from campus and ten minutes from downtown Evanston, the apartments are set in a well-kept residential neighborhood with a playground and city park next to the building.

The Sherman Avenue apartments contain unfurnished apartments which include a living room, bathroom, kitchen, and one or two bedrooms. A very few of these one-bedroom apartments also have an extra room for a dining room. Laundry facilities are found in the basement. Heat and hot water are provided.

Sample 1-bedroom floor plan
Sample 2-bedroom floor plan


Parking is an acknowledged challenge here in Evanston and on campus. Parking is, unfortunately, not included in tuition. However, with a little planning and forethought, it need not be an insurmountable problem. Just ask and we'll try to help.  For additional information, please contact the Office of Hospitality and Housing, 847.866.3950.

At the Apartments

  • Maple/Noyes Lot: $45 per month for apartment residents only. Maple and Maple/Noyes residents served first; Sherman residents only if spots remain. MUST have sticker on car; if you are towed, it will be very expensive.

  • Street parking: $90 per year. Take your lease to the Evanston City Hall Parking Office to purchase yearly sticker (sometimes they will prorate if you are coming late in the year). Then follow directions as to which parking zone you are able to park in (get a map showing the zones from City staff)

  • Guest parking: If you pay for a spot in the Maple/Noyes lot, you may give your spot to a visitor, use it for a loaner of your own, etc. BUT you MUST get another sticker from us for whatever car you park in that lot or the car will be towed. Notes left on the windshield do not count.

  • City hangtags: The City of Evanston has hangtags for guests available from the City parking office for about $.20 each. Take your lease with you to purchase. Must use a new hangtag each day and fill it out in pen, not pencil.

On Campus

  • Garrett Student Passes: Northwestern University allows our students to purchase passes for the big parking lot just to the south side of our campus. NU students are not permitted to buy passes for that lot. See the Northwestern University parking maps here for more information.  Take your Garrett ID to the NU Parking Office at 1819 Hinman Ave. (847-491-3319) between 8:00AM and 4:00PM to get:

    1. A day pass hangtag (white, NOT yellow) is $7.50/day; need a new one each day that you park
    2. A yearly pass (good for Sept. 1, 2011 until Oct. 1, 2012) is $501.00
    3. A quarterly pass (the first would be good from the beginning of the fall semester until Christmas break) is approximately $140.50.
  • Northwestern University Visitor's pass: Also $7.50/day. This is a yellow hangtag which you can usually (assuming we have a supply on hand) get from our front desk, or from the NU parking office. It is good for one day only (you must have the date scratched off or they will ticket your car). This pass is NOT good for the big lot next to our campus; if you purchase one of these you must park in any of the NU visitor lots, the nearest of which is across Sheridan Rd. just north of the Seabury campus. Other lots are further away - about a 10 minute walk back to Garrett.  See the Northwestern University parking maps here for more information.

  • Garrett Visitors Lot on Garrett Place: Please note that this is first and foremost a Visitor's lot and not a student lot. There will be many days when we will permit students to park in this lot, and many days when we cannot permit student parking because of an event or group on campus who will be using the lot. You may use this lot on a walk-in basis when it is available. You may also call as much as a week or two in advance to the front desk (847-866-3900) to make a reservation, at which time you should be able to find out if there will be space available. You may pay cash or check at the desk or have a $7.50 charge placed on your student account. No credit cards will be accepted for $7.50 charges. You will get a magnetic card to use to get into the lot and also to get out of it. You may come and go as many times as you want that day, but the card must be returned at the end of the day as you leave the lot the last time (slide the card into the return box on your way out) or you will have your student account charged $40 for a lost card. Cards will be locked out overnight and will not be good the next day. At times when there is no availability in the Garrett Visitors lot, you would be well advised to have a Plan B.


Housing Application Packet 2015-16:  2015-2016 Housing Packet

Housing Policies: Apartment Policies

Special Accommodations

Persons who need special accommodations should notify the Office of Hospitality and Housing at Garrett-Evangelical in writing.

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