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PANAAWTM and the "Politics of Solidarity"

President’s Blog
March 26, 2014

PANAAWTM Banner designed by
PhD student, Rev. AHyun Lee


The PANAAWTM Conference (Pacific, Asian, and North American Asian Women in Theology and Ministry) was held on the campus of Garrett-Evangelical last week for a second consecutive year.  Its focus was the “Politics of Solidarity: Women of Color in Ministry and Academy.”  Under the direction of Dr. Anne Joh, our staff and students engaged “works of supererogation” to provide hospitality for our guests. We were privileged to be able to host this event and grateful to each of the sponsors.*  We are also very excited about celebrating the 30-year anniversary of PANAAWTM next year again, at Garrett-Evangelical. 

For those with eyes to see, the campus was abuzz with a kind of energy and s/Spirit that was enlivening and that I believe brings hope for the future of our human relating.  I’ll tell you why!  The work of PANAAWTM is leading – and I do mean leading - by modeling a broader inclusion and concern for other sisters of color, as well as by including attention to practical theology.  The conference attracts not only religion and theology scholars, but also women in ministry (e.g., chaplaincy, pastoral psychotherapy, and advocacy work) and women in other fields of study who value PANAAWTM’s commitments, who are inspired, and who, I am suspecting, are renewed by the time together.

Dr. Rita Nakashima Brock gave the pre-conference lecture about her work on “soul repair “and the concept of moral injury as distinctive from PTSD (Post Traumatic Shock Disorder).  It was a compelling consideration of the moral injuries sustained during war by soldiers trained to become killers, and who, sooner or later will become aware of the profound moral dilemma that results from “doing their job.”  I commend her book, Soul Repair: Recovering from Moral Injury after War (co-authored with Gabirella Lettini, 2013). 

The conference proper began Thursday evening with a panel (including our own Drs. Nancy Bedford and Gennifer Brooks) addressing the main topic of the conference and there was great appreciation for the inclusion of non-Asian women.  I also attended a panel presentation (including our pastoral theology doctoral student, Rev. Ahyun Lee) on Saturday morning, entitled, “Building Solidarity by Sharing Pains and Struggle.”  All this is to say, that the conference focus, the breadth of inclusion on all fronts, the hospitality rendered, and the attentiveness to aesthetic beauty, artistically, musically, and visually, throughout the conference and into its closing worship on Saturday morning could not help but cause one to reflect on the new thing that God is doing in the midst of us.  Do we not perceive it (Isaiah 43:19)?

I say that PANAAWTM is leading because I see it’s effort to first and foremost honor a space for Asian women to gather for a few days in the comfort of solidarity within the group.  They gather in a safe space to share their own scholarly efforts and to reflect upon ministry experiences without also having the distraction of “taking care” of others who do not belong in the same way and who cannot easily understand the variety of experiences among these women.  However, I also see in this conference PANAAWTM”S modeling of how one group can broaden its circle of inclusion to other women of color without losing its primary purpose to serve Asian women.  These are complex and difficult waters to navigate, but the commitment to do so was not to be missed last week.  Thank you, Dr. Joh, and all those around you who helped bring the conference to fruition.  Thank you, for helping us to get yet another glimpse of the eschatological vision of God’s kin-dom and the expansive welcome of God’s banquet table.

* Sponsors of the 29th Annual PANAAWTM Conference:

  • The General Commission on the Status and Role of Women of The United Methodist Church
  • The Foundation for Theological Education in South East Asia
  • The Asian/Asian-American Center for Ministry at Garrett-Evangelical
  • The Styberg Preaching Institute at Garrett-Evangelical
  • The Gladys Crane Endowed Lecture Series at Garrett-Evangelical


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