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Sustained by the Work of God

President’s Blog
March 19, 2014

“My food is to do the will of him who sent me and to complete his work (John 4:34 NRSV, from the gospel lectionary text for this coming Sunday, the third Sunday in Lent). This is the response of Jesus to his disciples, just following his encounter with the woman at the well and their conversation about living water.  The disciples have returned from town bringing food with them and they have encouraged Jesus to eat something.  I am captured by this response and its implication for Christians, especially for those of us who have public leadership responsibilities.  What would it mean to really feel that we are sustained, that we actually survive, by doing the will of God and by working toward or participating in the completion of God’s work?

Rector and DyckLast week, a few of us at the school had the privilege of visiting with our Northern Illinois Conference Bishop, Sally Dyck.  The purpose of our time together was to consider some of her thoughts about the kind of skills necessary for effective ministry and how that might translate into formational and educational goals for our graduates – a timely conversation since the faculty are just beginning the earliest stages of a curriculum revision process! 

Bishop Dyck spoke of four things in particular:

  1. The capacity to be a spiritual director (including engagement in personal spiritual disciplines and the skill to lead others in their own spiritual growth and development);

  2. The ability to utilize community organizing skills (to lead in way that actually gets things done);

  3. The capacity for improvisation (to creatively respond to what is given based on a solid theological/biblical/ethical/historical foundation), and,

  4. Cultural competence (the ability to do contextual analysis, to seek resources for understanding where necessary, and to communicate and relate in ways that are culturally sensitive, appreciative, and informed).

She told us that pastors do not often get into trouble in the ministry because of theology, but more typically because they are ineffective leaders.  Essentially, the Bishop is asking for leaders who are spiritually grounded, who can get things done, who can respond creatively to given situations, and who understand the inescapable cultural dimensions of every ministry context.  It made great sense to us.  Our conversation was lively, full of good humor, and inspired as we considered how the seminary might partner in meaningful ways.  I believe we all felt a renewed sense of the potential for our alliance together between church and seminary, work that could make a real impact in the world.

And, so this week may we reflect upon being sustained by engaging the work of God by being leaders who love God with all their mind, soul, and strength (spiritually grounded); leaders who accomplish something, who get things done (“Faith without works is dead” James 2:26); leaders who are led by the Holy Spirit and who can participate in the new thing that God is doing (“I am about to do a new thing; now it springs forth, do you not perceive it? Isaiah 43:19); and leaders who understand and care about those with whom they are in ministry (who love their neighbors as they love themselves).  This kind of work is sustaining and does help accomplish God’s purpose.  As we think on these things, I believe we are called to consider a reorientation of consciousness and intentionality about how we are “fed,” nourished, and sustained in doing the work of the One who has sent us – a most proper focus for our continuing Lenten devotions.


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