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Kate Hanch

Kate Hanch

Theological and Ethical Studies

Rev. Kate Hanch is a PhD candidate in theology and ethics. She holds a BA from Missouri Baptist University and a MDiv from Central Baptist Theological Seminary. She perceives her calling to serve the church and the world through teaching, research, and ministry. Her dissertation seeks to articulate a feminist prophetic humility as a habitus utilizing the writings of medieval female mystics and nineteenth century African American female preachers. She is influenced by feminist theory and theology, womanist theology, Christian mysticism, and systematic theology. She enjoys bringing overlooked voices to the fore as theologians in her work, like writing on the theology of Zilpha Elaw and Mechtild of Hackeborn. Kate is ordained in the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship and currently serves on the leadership team at her church. She received the 2014 Fellowship of Christian Stewards Emerging Leader award from the Missouri Baptist Foundation and received the Wheeler-Proctor Excellence of Theology Award from Central Baptist Theological Seminary in 2011. Kate lives in the St. Louis, Missouri, area, where she works at a non-profit, supply preaches, and occasionally adjuncts.

Papers and Publications


“Ordinary Sacramentality: Contextualizing Imagery in Conveying Salvation” in Philip Thompson and Anthony Cross (eds.), Baptist Sacramentalism. (Wipf & Stock, forthcoming.)

"Bodying the Word: Julia Foote's Deployment of Nommo in Resistance." (tentative title). Liturgy, vol. 35, no.1, forthcoming (2020).

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“Participation in God; Oned by Love: Paul Fiddes in Dialogue with Julian of Norwich,” Perspectives in Religious Studies, vol. 44, issue 1, Spring 2017, pp. 69-72.

Review of “Spirit and Salvation. By Veli-Matti Kärkkäinen,” Horizons 44, no. 1 (2017): 221–223.


“Love’s Journey: Mechtild of Hackeborn’s Soteriology,” in the section “Recovering Female Interpreters of the Bible”, Society of Biblical Literature, Denver, 2018.

“Bodying the Word: 19th century American Black Female preachers’ use of Scripture in Resistance” at the inaugural Political Theology Conference, Emory Conference Center, Atlanta, Georgia, 2018.

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