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Bryson White

Bryson White

Theological and Ethical Studies

Bryson White is the son of Paul and Sheila White of Fresno, California. He holds master's degrees in theology and intercultural studies from Fuller Theological Seminary, and a bachelor’s degree in political science from California State University at Northridge. White comes into the academy from the field of community organizing with the PICO National Network (now FIA) in his hometown of Fresno, California. As an organizer, Bryson organized clergy and lay leaders on issues such as: mass incarceration, police accountability, housing reform, and gun violence reduction.

Bryson's work looks at the ways in which Christian theologies come to inform carceral realities in the lives of Black and dispossessed persons. Particularly, he studies the ways in which Christian theologies as anti-Black discourse shape the theo-mythology of the ontological black criminal which manifest themselves through the mass incarceration of Black and Brown people. He is interested in liberation theologies, Black feminist theories of the human, carceral studies, and American religious history.

White is an ordained Baptist minister and currently attends the Second Baptist Church in Evanston, Illinois. White is a kidney transplant recipient of sixteen years, and is married to the lovely Jennifer White of Richmond, California.

Papers and Publications

"Evangelist of Incarceration? Billy Graham as Symbol for the Religious Problem of Mass Incarceration." Black Theologies Unit. Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Religion, Denver, 2018.

“Black Steel in the Hour of Chaos: The Prison Industrial Complex as White Supremacist Realized Eschatology.” Liberation Theologies Unit. Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Religion, Denver, 2018.

“A Christ-Centered Approach to Community Organizing across Ethnic, Cultural, and Faith Sectors.” Out of Nazareth: Christ-Centered Civic Engagement in Unlikely Places. Urban Loft, 2017.

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"Africana Theology, Ancestor Veneration, and George Washington.” Black Theology Group. Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Religion, Atlanta, 2010.