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International Students

International student preaching in Chapel

Garrett-Evangelical is richly blessed by the variety of cultural heritages, spiritual perspectives, and personal gifts that our international students bring to our theological community. 15% of our student body is comprised of international students and admitted international students are awarded scholarships of at least 50% of their tuition. As our international and domestic students share academic and non-academic experiences, they both teach and help each other develop a broader, more inclusive and global perspective on what it means to be a Christian leader in today’s world.

Application Requirements and Form I-20 Application Instructions

International students may apply for admission beginning in fall semesters only.  The deadline for submitting a completed application is March 1st. 

A completed application consists of:

  • Online Application Form
  • Statement of Purpose
  • 3 letters of reference
  • Resume
  • Official copies of transcripts from all institutions attended
  • $75 Application fee
  • Demonstration of English Proficiency (TOEFL or degree taught in English)

The Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) is required of all applicants for whom English is not the first language and who have not completed a postsecondary degree where instruction was in English. Results are forwarded to Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary (Educational Testing Service code #1245).  A minimum TOEFL scores, as follows, is required for admission:

  • Internet-based for PhD, MTS, DMin = 100; for MA and MDiv = 88
  • Computer-based for PhD, MTS, DMin = 250; for MA and MDiv = 230

I-20 Processing Information:
Before you can schedule an appointment at a U.S. embassy to apply for an F-1 (student) visa to study in the U.S., you must first be issued a Form I-20 from the U.S. college or university you plan to attend. 

After you have been admitted to Garrett-Evangelical, you will need to submit the following documentation and deposits in order for us to issue a Form I-20:

  1. $500 non-refundable deposit and $5,000 pre-payment toward your first-year tuition, fees, housing, and living expenses.

  2. Endorsement Form (For MA and MDiv students only)
    At Garrett-Evangelical, we highly value our service to the global church and sincerely welcome the cross-cultural enrichment that international students bring to our community.  Additionally, we expect international students to be: 1) endorsed by their home churches or organizations, 2) committed to returning to their home countries, and, 3) provide reasonable assurance that a leadership role will be available through the endorsing church or organization after they earn their degree in the United States. Instructions for completing the form are found within it.

  3. Affidavits of Support
    You must prove that you can pay the total amount of your first-year tution, fees, housing, and living expenses at Garrett-Evangelical, after the amount of any scholarship awarded has been subtracted.  You may submit as many completed Affidavits of Support as necessary to equal the total amount you will owe.

  4. Bank Statement or bank letter (see bank statement and letter guidelines below).  An original is not required for I-20 issuance purposes but is strongly encouraged for the visa application.  For every Affidavit of Support submitted, you must provide the availability of those funds.  Therefore, each person who completes an Affidavit of Support for you must submit a copy of his/her bank statement or a bank letter which:

  • Is written in English or translated into English;
  • Includes the name of the person who holds the account;
  • Is dated within the last 6 months;
  • Lists the type of account (savings, checking, or time deposit);
  • States the name of the currency; and
  • Lists the amount of money in the account (or states that there are sufficient funds to cover the funds they are promising you).

I-20 Transfer-In Information:
If you are currently studying in the U.S. on an F-1 visa, you must submit the items listed above (Affidavits of Support, copies of bank statements or bank letters, and your International Student Enrollment Deposit) before submitting the Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary Transfer-In Form.

International Student Stories

What attracted me to Garrett-Evangelical was the masters in pastoral care and counseling. Many schools I was looking at were not as strong in pastoral care even if they had counseling programs. I wanted to attend a seminary that will help me grow academically but also give me space to grow individually as I see more of God through fellowship. When I arrived the first day I knew that I made the right decision.

-Ornella Umubyeyi
Master of Arts in Pastoral Care and Counseling

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Not only at the chapel, but also in the classroom, I am learning how to make worship a lifestyle with great friends at the seminary. I was surprised at the strong sense of community and fellowship at Garrett-Evangelical. Many people are dedicated to building a good community for the world.

- Whanhee Oh
Master of Theological Studies

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