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Rev. Dr. Margaret Ann Crain Contributes to Transforming Justice Art Project

May 6, 2016
Margaret Ann Crain standing next to the "A is for Activist" quilt

Literature for All of Us is an Evanston-based organization that brings the rewards of reading and writing through book group discussions to young people in underserved neighborhoods. One of their most recent projects, Transforming Justice, is being done in collaboration with Piven Theatre Workshop, The Evanston Art Center, The James B. Moran Center for Youth Advocacy, The Innocence Project, and Evanston Township High School to create works of art that inspire dialogue, advance solutions, and promote structural change across community, reflecting the themes of justice, mercy, and equality.

One of these works of art has a special tie to Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary. The “A is for Activist” themed quilt is a collection of patches created by youth participants in Literature for All of Us as they reflected on violence within their own communities. Rev. Dr. Margaret Ann Crain, professor emeritus of Christian education at Garrett-Evangelical assembled the quilt. Although her contributions to the academy and the church have made her one of the most well-known and well-respected scholar practitioners in her field, in her free time, she has been developing her quilting skills. Through her creative participation in this empowering community project, Crain models the importance of engaging in conversations on social justice and compassion within our communities. “As I contemplated the messages on the quilt squares made by these youth, I was moved by their power, honesty, and hope,” said Crain. “It was an honor to be part of this project.”

The quilt will be on display at the Evanston Art Center through May 15th. You can learn more about Literature for All of Us and the Transforming Justice project at