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New Workshop to Encourage a Strategic Team Leadership Model for Local Churches

January 20, 2012

The purposes of the Transition Workshop are to assist clergy and lay leaders in understanding the differences between a pastor-centered congregation and a strategic team leadership model, and to help them learn how their own leadership styles and competencies may need to adapt in order to be effective in a new and emerging organizational culture.

The workshop will address situations in which current clergy and lay leaders remain in place during a congregation’s transition, as well as situations in which clergy are newly appointed to team leadership settings.  The workshop is designed to be most beneficial for teams - clergy and at least one influential lay leader.

Rev. Dr. Mark Fowler, executive director of ITLC and Murray H. Leiffer Associate Professor of Congregational Leadership at Garrett-Evangelical, will lead this two-day workshop.  Rev. Dr. Fowler has been active in team ministry and church growth as a pastor for many years and is a sought-after consultant and counselor to local churches and pastors experiencing growth and “turn-around” transition.  His academic work in congregational leadership that is focused on “mission, vision and compelling narrative” shapes his approach to his dynamic workshop leadership.

For more information or to register for the conference, please visit ITLC's website:

ITLC is focused on leadership where Christ’s mission engages the needs of a changing world! Located at Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary, the institute was founded in February 2010 out of the growing con­viction that the seminary should be “for the church” and be a networking resource to clergy and lay leadership in the ongoing mission of the church “for the transformation of the world.”