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Internationally Celebrated Composer and Musician, Robert Ravenscroft, Receives Eliza Garrett Distinguished Service Award

April 30, 2014

Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary is pleased to present the Eliza Garrett Distinguished Service Award to Mr. Robert Ravenscroft, internationally renowned musician and long-time friend of Garrett-Evangelical. The award is given in the name and spirit of Eliza Clark Garrett, founder of Garrett Biblical Institute in 1853, to honor a person, who by their imaginative acts of communal restoration and healing, reflect God’s mission and purposes for our world.

Bob and his wife, Gretchen, have a deep and abiding commitment to preparing future pastors and worship leaders who are well-prepared to share the Gospel in teaching, music, liturgy, and art. As a supporter of music ministry and the overall mission of the seminary, the Ravencrofts have established numerous partial and full scholarships for our students. In recognizing him for this award, President Lallene J. Rector said, “We are blessed to have Bob as a part of the Garrett-Evangelical community. His dedication to bringing music into the world through playing concerts, providing instruction, and funding music scholars is a compelling way to pair his gift of music with his passion for helping others find the music within them. The Eliza Garrett award recognizes Bob and his influence within our community and the world.”

An able and avid teacher, Ravenscroft has served on several university jazz studies faculties over the years and toured for a decade with the Christian ministry “Majesty.” Continuing his Christian ministry work, he now devotes much of his time performing with Music Serving the Word Ministries, which he founded. Transcending mere performance, he is always in pursuit of that special place where, as he says, “music serves the Word.”

As a performer, Bob Ravenscroft has worked with countless fine musicians, both in his own combos and with others, for more than 20 years. Some of the fine works released by Ravenscroft over the years include Phantasmagoria, Vol. 2, a solo piano work that demonstrates Bob's complete abandonment to the pure creative spirit, plus Organic Synthesis, The Gift of Piano, Christmas Improvisations, Journeys for Disciple, Beavercreek Meditations and others.