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Garrett-Evangelical Launches New Residential Hybrid Course of Study School

October 20, 2014

Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary’s English Course of Study school (COS) is now offering courses in a new residential hybrid format, continuing its commitment to honoring traditional methods of instruction while also embracing new emerging technologies. Each of the 20 English-language COS courses will be structured to allow students to engage faculty and one another through 5 hours of online learning and 15 hours on campus per course.

While the majority of current COS students said they valued their time on campus, the increasing demands on their ministry and home life left many asking for an online component.  As local pastors and vital members of their own communities, COS students needed a way to attain their education without neglecting their jobs, community, and family roles. This new hybrid format creates a less restrictive education without limiting the conversation between students and faculty. COS students will be able to create relationships with their colleagues and professors through various digital platforms while minimizing the impact of being away from their homes.

Key administrators and faculty members have worked hard to utilize online resources that will not only facilitate students’ academic work, but that will also benefit their ministry work as well. Students will use resources like Google Drive and Google Hangouts to complete their coursework, engage in conversation, and become better equipped to effectively and creatively employ these tools in their pastorates.

"We are offering a unique way for local pastors to engage their coursework, which preserves the formational aspects of residential learning, like face-to-face classroom dialogue, daily worship, and shared meals, while incorporating some of the best practices in online education,” said Dr. Timothy Eberhart, director of the English Course of Study school. “The result is an educational model that not only better fits the rhythms of local church ministry but also prepares pastors who can faithfully teach and connect with others through the tools of online media."

Although the new hybrid format is only offered for the English Course of Study school, the Seminary hopes to also offer the hybrid format for the Spanish Course of Study school in the near future.

For more information about the Residential Hybrid Course of Study school, or to register go to

The Course of Study school at Garrett-Evangelical educates and forms bold local pastoral leaders to serve vital congregations for the flourishing of the world through a 5-year, 20-course curriculum established by the General Board of Higher Education and Ministry of the United Methodist Church.