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Information for Potential Site Supervisors

Master of Divinity students complete two field experiences during their 2nd and 3rd years in seminary. Other degree students complete one year of field experience. Students entering their 3rd year may elect to complete their field requirement as a full time commitment during the summer.

Each first year student meets with our field education director at least twice to discuss vocational identity and call and identify a field placement where the student will be challenged and nurtured. Because our Field Placement Procedure is driven by the student's vocational interests and experience, the student's contact with a potential field site is initiated by the director of field education.

Today's ministries have many needs and limited resources so it is tempting to expect our students to supply vital programmatic resources. However, this is not the purpose of field education, and while we have great confidence in our students' abilities and commitment, their role is that of student rather than employee. It may help to remember that for most of our students, youth ministry is not a primary vocational interest.

Site supervisors must be able offer time and care in providing structure, encouragement and evaluation during the entire period of the student's service. In addition to programmatic meetings, one hour per week must be scheduled with the student for theological reflection. During their 15 hour per week commitment at the site, students must engage in a broad range of learning experiences and receive a stipend of $3,500 for the academic year.

Both the student and site supervisor will sign the Student/Site Contract  which details the responsibilities of each party as required by the seminary. Please remember that the pressures of the academic year ebb and flow and students may not miss any class to work at the site!

We invite you to join us in shaping future spiritual leaders. We need your wisdom, experience, and enthusiasm. Please complete and send in the Site Inquiry Form.

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