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Course Descriptions

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Course Descriptions - Overview

The links below will take you to lists of course descriptions (and prerequisites) for courses that are currently being offered by the seminary.


Courses are listed by curriculum areas and fields of study.
500 level courses are introductory;
600 level are open to masters students;
700 level are open to DMin students;
800 level are open to PhD students (or masters students with permission);
900 level are open only to PhD students.
Introductory courses are usually taught every year and electives every second or third year. An independent study can be arranged with an instructor when the desired elective subject is not offered in the current schedule and after the student completes the foundational courses in the field.


All courses are graduate level and carry 3 semester hours of credit, unless otherwise specified.

General Curriculum Courses
10: Integrative Courses
40: United Methodist Studies Courses
41: Cross Cultural Courses
42: North Chicago Theological Institute Courses
50: Theological Research and Writing Courses
60: MTS Core Courses
80: DMin Theology and Leadership Courses
85: DMin Pastoral Psychology Courses
90: PhD Core Courses
##: Independent Study

Fields of Study Courses
Area I: The Christian Tradition in Scripture and History
11: Old Testament Courses
12: New Testament Courses
13: Church History Courses

Area II: Theology and Ethics
21: Theology Courses
22: Ethics and Society Courses

Area III: Theory and Practice of Ministry
30: Practice of Ministry Courses
31: Preaching, Worship and Church Music Courses
32: Pastoral Psychology and Counseling Courses
33: Christian Education Courses
34: Church Administration, Evangelism, and Spiritual Formation Courses
35: Religion and the Media Courses


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