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Seminary Welcomes Northwestern Students with Good Cheer and Beneficial Information

EVANSTON, Ill., October 2009 - Setting a new standard in seminary hospitality, Garrett-Evangelical greeted Northwestern University students as they began the fall semester last month - handing out  hundreds of bagels, cups of lemonade, abundant good cheer and what's-in-it-for-you information about the seminary to passersby on the busy sidewalk by Sheridan Road.

student-welcome-nu"The purpose was to offer hospitality to our neighbors and to let them know more about Garrett-Evangelical," said Elaine Amerson, assistant vice president of enrollment management. "It was a fabulous success."

As far as the seminary has been able to determine, it marked the first time such hospitality had been extended during more than 150 years of the schools sharing the same geography.

Approximately two dozen students and staff took turns serving up bagels with cream cheese, pouring cups of lemonade and handing out an information card to Northwestern students who stopped by a free-food dept under a canopy adorned on north and south sides with purple banners proclaiming, "Garrett welcomes N.U. students." The Rev. Julie Windsor Mitchell, campus minister and director of the University Christian Ministry, also participated.

Beyond the food and drink, Garrett-Evangelical wanted Northwestern students to know the seminary has many resources available to them:

  • The United Library, where their student ID works as a library card for checking out books and other materials
  • Seminary courses that are available for credit through cross-registration
  • Café a la Cart in Loder Hall, featuring a variety of food and beverages that they pay for with their Wildcat Points and Munch Money
  • Three distinct worship services open to them every week in the Chapel of the Unnamed Faithful

Based on the success of this hospitality debut, Amerson predicts more outreach efforts in the future.

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