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Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary utilizes a variety of outlets to tell our story.  From Aware magazine, news releases, and monthly emails to a variety of social networking sites and blogs, there are many ways to stay connected. We also offer a faculty experts list, organized by subject matter, to help media outlets, researchers, and others connect with scholars who can share information on the topics they study.

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Aware Magazine

Aware is a magazine published quarterly by the Development Office for alums and friends of Garrett-Evangelical, a graduate school of theology related to The United Methodist Church with an ecumenical outreach. To view all past issues of Aware, click here.


Cutting Edges

Cutting Edges is an ongoing series published in Aware, Garrett-Evangelical's quarterly magazine. In Cutting Edges, Garrett-Evangelical faculty share their latest research and expertise in their field of study. From issues of the undocumented worker in the United States to current trends and models in worship, each of these articles touch on current issues facing the Church and our world. To read the articles in their entirety, click the "Read More" links below.

Rev Dr. Barry BryantRev. Dr. Barry Bryant
Associate Professor of United Methodist and Wesleyan Studies

"Upheavals of Thought" and Remembering the 2019 General Conference
Published April 2019

As I have tried to express my reaction to the General Conference in St. Louis, I have turned to the use of metaphor. This is what people often do as they fumble and stammer to find the words to express an experience. I have heard several people resort to metaphor. “It was like watching a married couple who has been together for 50 years finally decide to call it quits because of ‘irreconcilable differences,’ complete with a division of property.” “It was like watching the slow death of a family member, while some argued over who would get the house when she died.” One metaphorical comparison cut closer to the quick: “It was like being disowned by my family and being told I would never be welcome at a family gathering again.” 

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Dr. James L. PapandreaDr. James L. Papandrea
Professor of Church History and Historical Theology

Ecumenism and Ecumenical Dialogue
Published January 2019

The name Christian has never meant simply a “follower of Christ.” What it means to be a Christian was defined by those who came before us, and no one alive today has the authority to change it. The early Church was very inclusive of all people, but not all interpretations – because putting one’s faith in the wrong Christ is the same as having no Christ at all. The historic ecumenical councils are the authoritative interpretations of Scripture and the Incarnation, and the first three ecumenical councils should be accepted by all who call themselves Christians because together they are the very definition of Christianity. 

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Rev. Dr. Cheryl B. Anderson

Dr. Cheryl B. Anderson
Professor of Old Testament

The Influence of Dr. Cone and Dr. Cannon
Published October 2018

As Drs. Cone and Cannon demonstrated, interpretations and doctrines can and do have physical consequences on those deemed “other.” From them, we learned the importance of scholars attending to both their own community’s context and the consequences on those communities of traditional doctrines and interpretations. On further reflection, though, it seems that the importance of both context and consequence should be recognized in the Church as well as the academy. In today’s environment, it is incumbent upon all those who believe to consider their own context and the consequences of their doctrines and interpretations on themselves and on others.

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Dr. Reginald BlountDr. Reginald Blount
Assistant Professor of Formation, Youth, and Culture and
Director, Garrett-Evangelical Young Adult Initiative Innovation Hub

God Is At Work Among Young Adults
Published January 2018

Where is God at work in the lives of young adults? This is a prevalent question as growing research speaks of the rising decline of church membership among Millennials (those young adults born between 1984-2000). While some Millennials are still striving to find nourishment in traditional congregational settings, many others are seeking, finding, or creating alternative communities to nourish their spiritual life. 

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Dr. Jaeyeon Lucy ChungDr. Jaeyeon Lucy Chung
Director of the Styberg Library and
Assistant Professor of Pastoral Theology

Open Access and Theological Communication
Published October 2017

The emergence of the Internet and digital technologies has rapidly transformed the contexts and practices of research and scholarship. Scholars in higher education, including religious and theological studies scholars, are confronting the changing global reality of scholarly communication in which technologies redefine every aspect of their research activity—from discovering and creating to evaluating and disseminating knowledge—whether they are aware of it or not. One major impact that technology has made on the academic research community is the way research and scholarly output are shared.

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Past Cutting Edges

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