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Mailing Address
2121 Sheridan Road
Evanston, IL 60201

Phone: (847) 866-3900
Toll-Free: (800) SEMINARY
Fax: (847) 866-3884

Board of Trustees

Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary is proud to have a diverse board of trustees tasked with ensuring the seminary fullfills its purpose as outlined in the bylaws.

The mission and purpose of the seminary is the share in the Church's task of equipping the whole people of God and providing leadership in Christ's ministry of personal and social transformation.  The seminary:

  • Prepares persons for ordained and lay ministries in and through the Church
  • Prepares persons for university and seminary teaching in theological disciplines
  • Provides theological research and reflection for the Church


The Honorable John G.Baker
Dr. James B. Beddow
Mr. James B. Blue
Ms. Juanita Bryant, Esq.
Rev. Dr. Judith Bunyi
Dr. J. Robert Burkhart
Rev. Michelle A. Cobb
Mr. Roger H. Cummings
Rev. Bonnie E. Draeger
Ms. Anne Driscoll
Bishop Sally Dyck
Mr. Gregory J. Eaton
Rev. Laurie Haller
Mr. Lee Hoekstra
Dr. Marianne Inman
Rev. Sara L. Isbell


Rev. Ouk-Yean Kim Jueng
Rev. Dr. Byoung Sam Kim
Mr. James W. Lumberg
Rev. Dr. Tracy Smith Malone
Mrs. Harriet McCabe
Mr. Robert Merrilees
Ms. Kyle MacKenzie Nowell
Mr. Robert Phillips
Ms. Dorinda L. Pounds
Mr. John E. Sampson
Mr. Thomas C. Scott
Mr. Jerre L. Stead
Rev. Dr. Carlyle Fielding Stewart III
Bishop Julius C. Trimble
Mrs. Billie Wilbur
Mr. Theodore I. Yi

Affiliate Trustees

Rev. Philip Blackwell
Rev. Robert Fuquay
Mr. Andrew Vorbrich
Mr. William White
Rev. Dr. Joseph Keith Zimmerman

LIFE Trustees

Rev. Thomas E. Babler
Mr. Clifford O. Bath, Jr.
Mr. Donald N. Boyce
Rev. Jeanette S. Buys
Bishop Philip R. Cousin
Mrs. Judith V. Crain
Dr. Marjorie A. Engelman
Dr. James W. Hook
Ms. Chrys Hyde
Bishop Charles W. Jordan
Mr. William J. Lawson
Ms. Marilyn Magee
Mr. J. Michael McBride
Mrs. Barbara Milnor
Bishop Donald A. Ott
Bishop Sharon Z. Rader
Mr. Howard Steele
Rev. Phylemon D. Titus

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