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Academic Year 2013-2014




Dr. Charles Cosgrove's Sabbatical Lecture
A Day in the Ancient Mediterranean
March 12, 2014


Inaugural Celebration
"Establishing Justice at the City Gate: A Public Theology Conversation"
February 28, 2014


  • Dr. Matthew Sleeth
  • Dr. Timothy Eberhart
  • Officer Loyce E. Spells II
  • Dr. Angela Coswer
  • Dr. Andrew Sund
  • Dr. Luis Rivera





Dr. Gennifer Brooks' Sabbatical Lecture
Rituals of the Diaspora: An Ongoing Exploration and Story
November 13, 2013


  The Joy of Leadership Lecture Series



"The Joy of Endings"
Dr. Philip Amerson
December 4, 2013



"Celebrate the Temporary"
Rev. Thomas Lane Butts
November 23, 2013

Download Transcript of Sermon


Amerson Joy Conversation Panel
"The Joy of Educating for the Common Good"
October 23, 2013


  • Dr. Tom Porter
  • Dr. Luis Rivera-Rodriguiz
  • Dr. Shanta Premawardhana
  • Dr. Sara Wenger Shenk




Amerson Joy Conversation Panel
"The Joy of Congregational Life"
October 23, 2013


  • Dr. Richard Wisdom
  • Rev. Laurie Haller
  • Dr. Carlyle Fielding Stewart, III





"Happiness and Leadership"
Dr. Matt Bloom
October 16, 2013




"The Virtue of Joy"
Dr. Gilbert Meilaender
September 16, 2013


Navigating the Affordable Care Act


Opening Plenary | October 1, 2013
"Time and Place for Life"
Rev. Dr. Gary Gunderson


Press Conference | October 1, 2013
In order of appearance:

  • Dr. Lallene Rector, Garrett-ETS
  • Bishop Wayne Miller, ELCA
  • Robyn Gabel, Illinois State Representative
  • Rev. Dr. Gary Gunderson, Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center
  • Daniel Biss, Illinois State Senator


Dr. Jack Seymour's Sabbatical Lecture
Following Jesus Proclaiming Our Vocation
September 18, 2013




2013 Academic Convocation
Featuring Rev. Dr. Tex Sample
September 11, 2013




Inauguration and Installation of the
Ruben P. Job Endowed Chair in Spiritual Formation
Featuring Dr. Frederick W. Schmidt
September 10, 2013




Opening Chapel for Fall 2013

Sermon by Dr. Philip Amerson, President
September 3, 2013
























        Academic Year 2012-2013

Morton Schapiro


2013 Commencement
Address by Northwestern University President Morton Schaprio
Watch the Full Ceremony
May 17, 2013




Asian-American Center Lecture by Dr. Joki Kim
"The Ending is Not an Ending at All"
October 17, 2012




Retirement Lecture: Dr. Dwight Judy (Intro by Dr. Jack Seymour)
"A Quiet Pentecost"
October 17, 2012




Fall Faculty Lecture: Dr. Nancy Bedford
"Theology on Edge: A Critical Patch for the Church in Latina Perspective"
September 26, 2012

Bishop Wayne Clymer



Featured Preacher: Bishop Wayne Clymer
Sermon by Bishop Clymer
September 12, 2012 



2012 Academic Convocation
Keynote Address by Bishop Kenneth Carder
September 12, 2012
Keynote Address Transcript 


phillip amerson


Opening Sermon for Fall 2012
Sermon by Dr. Philip Amerson, President
September 4, 2012




        Academic Year 2011-2012




Commencement 2012
Address by Dr. Richard Gunderman
May 11, 2012



Senior Chapel 2012
Sermon by Stephanie Welsh
May 11, 2012


Promotion Lecture: Cheryl Anderson
Song: Defying Gravity by Gloria Hendrix
Lecture: Standing at the Edge of the Mississippi:
Reflections on a Different Paradigm for Theological Education

March 21, 2012
 Virginia Lee H



General Conference Legislation and the Deacon (Webcast)
Panel Discussion
March 13, 2012
 Ron Anderson



Promotion Lecture: Ron Anderson
Apotaxis and Ethics: The Baptismal Renunications
and Christian Discipleship

March 7, 2012
 Beth Sheppard



Spring Faculty Lecture: Beth Sheppard
Then and Now: Histography and New Testament Interpretation
February 29, 2012



Michelle Alexander
Lecture: "The New Jim Crow"
February 1, 2012
 Lallene Rector



Opening Sermon for Spring 2012
Sermon by Dr. Lallene Rector, Academic Dean
January 31, 2012


The Stead Center for Ethics and Values presents:
"Respecting Life" Dr. Neil Messer, Univ. of Winchester
November 30, 2011

The Stead Center for Ethics and Values presents:
Dr. Neil Messer Symposium
November 30, 2011

The Stead Center for Ethics and Values presents:
Interview: Dr. Messer
November 30, 2011
 Mark Fowler



Fall Faculty Sabbatical Lecture: Mark Fowler
Leaders, Prophets and the Church Yet to Be
November 16, 2011
 Charles Cosgrove H



Styberg Intitute Lecture
Lecture by Dr. Charles Cosgrove
November 9, 2011



Fall Faculty Retirement Lecture: Kenneth Vaux
The Ministry of Vincent Van Gogh
November 07, 2011 



 James Poling F



Fall Faculty Retirement Lecture: James Poling
The Ambiguity of God and Humans
October 26, 2011 
 Ruth Duck A



Fall Faculty Sabbatical Lecture: Ruth Duck
Vital Worship for the Twenty-First Century
October 5, 2011 
 Stephen Ray



Fall Faculty Sabbatical Lecture: Stephen Ray
Theology and the Unimaginable
(intro by Dr. Brent Waters)
September 28, 2011
 Brent Waters H



Fall Faculty Promotion Lecture: Brent Waters
Dead Reckoning: Eschatology and Ethics
September 21, 2011
 David Hogue



Fall Faculty Lecture: David Hogue
Brain Matters
September 14, 2011
 phillip amerson



Opening Sermon for Fall 2011-2012
Sermon by President Philip Amerson
September 13, 2011
 richard mouw



Convocation 2011
"Making Room," Address by Dr. Richard Mouw
September 6, 2011




        Academic Year 2010-2011

 Senior Chapel 2011
Sermon by Kathy Abend
May 13, 2011
 Commencement 2011
Address by Bishop Gregory Palmer
May 13, 2011
 Service of Reconsecration of Loder Hall and Stead Hall
Watch the entire service!
May 12, 2011
 Promotion Lecture of Dr. Dwight Judy
Spiritual Formation: An Interdisciplinary Field
April 6, 2011
 Promotion Lecture of Dr. Osvaldo Vena
The Discipleship of Jesus: A Model for the Contemporary Church
March 23, 2011
 The Gladys Crane Lecture -
Held during 2011 Asian Week at Garrett-Evangelical

"Orient"-alism and the Christian Search for Paradise in the East
by Rita Nakashima Brock
March 17, 2011
 Violence and Reconciliation: Three Dimensions of Restoration
Lecture by Brad Braxton | Sermon by Brad Braxton
February 16, 2011
 Sabbatical Lecture by Dr. Reginald Blount
Toward Whole-Making: The Power of Voices in the Faith Formation of Black Youth
December 8, 2010

Covenant Discipleship: Missional Leader Formation
"Covenant Discipleship Groups" by Steve Manskar

October 20, 2010
Note: The Rev. Steven Manskar, D. Min., is the Director of Wesleyan
Leadership in the Discipleship Ministries Division of The United Methodist
Church in Nashville, TN ( Dr. Manskar made this
presentation on Covenant 
Discipleship groups on October 20, 2010, at
Garrett-Evangelical. Near the end of 
the video feed, there was a power
outage that diminished the picture, but the 
audio continues for the
complete presentation.

 Convocation 2010 with Dr. James Hal Cone
"Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Seen"
Panel Presentations:Andrea C. White | William Ackah | Rothney Tshaka
September 15, 2010
 Opening Sermon for Fall 2010-2011
Sermon by President Philip Amerson
September 7, 2010




        Academic Year 2009-2010

 Commencement 2010
Voices of Protest, Songs of Hope by Emilie M. Townes
May 14, 2010
 Senior Chapel 2010
Sermon by Nancy Lynn
May 14, 2010
 Student Theological Conference: Sex, Sexuality and Gender
Keynote Address by Monica Coleman
April 30, 2010
 Deacon Dialogue 2010: Opting for the Margins
Keynote Address by Hendrik Pieterse
April 15, 2010

Ethical Leadership, the Church & the Global Economy

Sermon by Bishop Gregory Palmer
"Caught in the Middle" - Richard C. Longworth
"Ethical Leadership and the Mission of the Church in a Global Society" - Max Stackhouse
"Ethical Leadership in a Globalized World" - Walter Fluker
Sermon by Bishop Sally Dyck
"Two, or Perhaps Two-and-a-half Cheers for Globalization" - Brent Waters
"Ethics and Values-Driven Global Leadership" - Dipak C. Jain
Sermon by Bishop John Hopkins

Panel: African American Churches, Globalization and Global Solidarity
Presenters: Juan Floyd-Thomas | Peter Paris | Drew R. Smith
Respondants: Nancy Bedford | Stephen Ray

February 25-27, 2010

Black History Month Panel Series

Black Churches, Race Consciousness & Generational Differences
Presenters : Candace M. Lewis | Jonathan Walton | Drew Smith
Respondants: Reginald Blount | Michele Watkins
February 2, 2010

Black Churches and the Ongoing Struggle for Civil Rights
Presenters: James Lance Taylor | Iva Carruthers | Larry Murphy
Respondants: Anne Joh | Darvin Adams
February 9, 2010

 Symposium on Ministry Study
Keynote Address by Bishop Grant Hagiya
Keynote Address by Dr. Robin Lovin
November 19-20, 2009
 Welcome for Dr. Drew Smith, Director of the Center for the
Church & the Black Experience

"A Vision Becomes Real" - Bishop Edsel Ammons recounts the history of CBE
"I'll Trust You" - Song by Garrett-Evangelical Music Ensemble
Welcome of Dr. Drew Smith - Philip Amerson, Reginald Blount, Julie Fleurinor
Response by Dr. Drew Smith
"Miles to Go: Still the Same Goal" - Sermon by Dr. Gennifer Brooks
Establishment of Bishop Edsel A. Ammons Award
October 14, 2009
 Field Education Commissioning Service
Sermon by Dr. Mark Fowler
September 24, 2009
 Jürgen Moltmann visits Garrett-Evangelical
Convocation Address - A Theology for Life, A Life for Theology
Conversation with Jűrgen Moltmann
Faculty Interviews - Dr. Nancy Bedford | Dr. Anne Joh | Dr. Stephen Ray
September 9, 2009



        Academic Year 2008-2009

 Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary 152nd Commencement
Address by Robert Allan Hill
May 15, 2009
 Senior Chapel 2009
Pre-Sermon Song

Sermon by Nazim Fakir, MDiv
May 15, 2009
 Installation of Stephen Ray as
Neal F. and Ila A. Fisher Professor of Theology
Address by Dr. Stephen Ray
Song by Cynthia Wilson
April 1, 2009
 Black History Month Celebration 2009
Walter Fluker - Lecture | Sermon
February 18, 2009
 Election Day Chapel Service 2008
This sermon was preached at the Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary
Chapel of the Unnamed Faithful by Dr. Gennifer Brooks, Styberg Associate
Professor of Homiletics on the morning of election day 2008, the day on which
Senator Barack Obama, an African American was elected as the 44th
President of the United States of America.
Watch "It's Your Choice" | View the transcript
November 4, 2008
 Academic Convocation 2008
Dr. James Forbes, speaker
September 3, 2008
 Opening Sermon for Fall 2008-2009
"Summoned, Schooled, Sent" by President Philip Amerson
September 2, 2008



        Academic Year 2007-2008

 Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary 151st Commencement
Welcome and Encouragement from President Amerson
Address by Elias Chacour
May 16, 2008
 Senior Chapel 2008
"We Are Not Ashamed" (Pre-sermon song)
Sermon by Jon Robinson, MDiv
May 16, 2008
 Philip Lee Duecker Lecture by Dr. Barry Bryant
"Wesley on Stewardship" | Q&A Session
April 16, 2008
 Inauguration of the Styberg Endowed Chair of Preaching and
The Installation of Dr. Gennifer Benjamin Brooks in the Chair
Dr. Brook's Installation Address
April 9, 2008
 Progressive and Evangelical Conference 2008
Click here to view videos from this event!
March 26-27, 2008
 Women's Ways of Preaching and Worship
Sermon by Dr. Heather Murray Elkins
March 25, 2008
 Christology and Ethics Conference 2008
LeRon Shults - "The Problem of Good" | Q&A | Interview
Brent Waters - "The Incarnation and Christian Moral Life" | Q&A
Lois Malcolm - "Forgiveness and Moral Creativity" | Q&A
John Webster - "Where Christ Is" | Q&A | Interview
Kathryn Tanner - "Kingdom Come" | Q&A | Interview
Jan-Olav Henrikson - "The Surprise of Justice and Judgment" | Q&A | Interview
J. Wentzel van Huyssteen - "Shall We Do What Jesus Did?" | Q&A | Interview
Bernd Wannenwetsch - "The Whole Christ and the Whole Human Being" | Q&A
March 3rd - 4th, 2008
 Black History Month 2008 Speaker Series
Daniel L. Fitten - Sermon
Teresa Fry Brown - "Plenty Good Room Homiletics" | Q&A | Sermon
William McClain - "What's Wrong with Preaching Today?" | Q&A
Alise D. Barrymore - Sermon
February 19th - 27th, 2008
 Jim Wallis Speaks at about his new book at Garrett-Evangelical
Lecture about "The Great Awakening"
Q&A Session
February 17th, 2008
 Ash Wednesday Worship Service 2008
Sermon by Dr. Pamela Lightsey
February 6, 2008
 The Church in the Public Square
Lecture by Dr. H. Drew Smith
January 31, 2008
  Martin Luther King Jr. Speaker Series- Rev Mark Dennis
Lecture - January 16, 2008
"From King to Obama, and Beyond"
Q&A Session
Chapel - January 17, 2008
Welcome from Dr. Larry Murphy
Piano Solo by Nicholas Grier
Sermon by Rev. Dennis
 Stead Center Lecture: Brian Brock
November 14, 2007
 Inauguration of Jerre and Mary Joy Stead Chair of Ethics
Installation of Dr. Brent Waters in the Chair
Dr. Waters' Installation Address
October 18, 2007
 Dr. Julius Trimble Preaches at Garrett
October 18, 2007
 Stead Center Lecture: Thomas G. Weinandy
September 19, 2007
 Academic Convocation: Address by Dr. Steven J. O'Malley
September 5, 2007
 Opening Fall Semester Sermon by President Amerson
September 4, 2007



        Academic Year 2006-2007

 Stead Center Conference: Setting an Agenda for Political Theology
Sam Wells - Lecture | Q&A Session
Joan Lockwood - Lecture | Q&A Session
Oliver O'Donovan - Lecture | Q&A Session
Gilbert Meilaender - Lecture | Q&A Session
John Webster - Lecture | Q&A Session
May 26-27, 2007
 Garrett-Evangelical 2007 Commencement
Address by Judge Sarah Evans Barker
May 11, 2007
 Duecker Lecture
Dr. Brian Bauknight - Part 1 | Part 2
April 18, 2007
 Lecture by Dr. Emmanuel Katongole
April 18, 2007
 Lecture by Dr. Beauty Maenzanise
March 29, 2007
 Sermon by Dr. Beauty Maenzanise
March 29, 2007
 Installation of Academic Dean
Words of Inspiration by Dr. Mark Fowler
Installation Address by Dr. Lallene Rector
Benediction by Dr. Larry Murphy
March 7, 2007
 Opening Spring Semester Sermon by President Amerson
January 30, 2007
 Inauguration of President Phil Amerson
Dr. Walter Wangerin's Sermon
November 3, 2006

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