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Student Life

Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary seeks to become a nurturing, caring, and fortifying community for all its members and to acknowledge their legitimate rights, regardless of race, color, physical disability, national and ethnic origin, or sexual orientation and identity. The Garrett-Evangelical community also makes its aim to welcome diverse theological convictions and social perspectives. We seek in all our relationships to exhibit and embody the transcendent unity that is ours in Jesus Christ.

Our programs are designed to provide opportunities for students to engage one another in ways that foster an appreciation for our splendid diversity while creatively teaching practical ministry and leadership skills on a campus setting which is simply breathtaking. Meditate by the lake. Worship in the chapel. Workout in the gym. Explore Chicago. Do all that and much more.

We invite you to use the tabs below to explore the many ways you can get involved in the Garrett-Evangelical community. 


In 1974, Garrett-Evangelical affirmed three institutional commitments:

  • church and the Black experience;
  • women and ministry;
  • peace and justice.

 Today, additional institutional commitments have extended to address changing needs of the culture and of the student body. The following centers and institutes have been established to enrich seminary life, to allow students, faculty, and the church to interact in programs of mutual interest, and to bring new perspectives to the community. They operate with several different kinds of organization and activities.

Asian American Ministries Stead Center for Ethics and Values
Church and the Black Experience Styberg Preaching Institute
Hispanic/Latino(a) Latin American WomenIMAGES



Asian American Ministries (To Top)

Established by the seminary in 1984, this center serves the needs of Asian American students, pastors, and churches. The office provides services to churches throughout the North Central Jurisdiction by recruiting students for ordained ministry and by training seminarians, pastors, and lay leaders for effective ministry in cross-cultural settings. For more information, contact Ahyun Lee, student coordinator or Wonhee Anne Joh, faculty director, at 847.866.3974.

 Church and the Black Experience (To Top)

Instituted in 1970 as one of the primary emphases of the seminary, CBE focuses on African American experience and ministry. This center responds to the needs of the African American students, pastors, and churches. Its purpose is to ensure the integration of black religious experience into all aspects of seminary life, including student recruitment, faculty development, curriculum planning, and special programs. Its aims are instituted by incorporating the African American experience into existing curricula, rather than establishing separate black studies programs; by the endowment of scholarships for black students; and by the establishment of a parity committee made up of equal numbers of black and white faculty. For more information, contact Angela Cowser, director, at 847-866-3984.



Hispanic/Latino (a) -  Latin American Center (To Top)

Established in 1988, this center seeks to bring Hispanic culture and experience into the life of the seminary and provide continuing education to the church. It strives to serve the needs of Hispanic and Latin American students, pastors, and churches. The office provides services to churches throughout the North Central Jurisdiction by recruiting students for ordained ministry and by training seminarians, pastors, and lay leaders for effective ministry in cross-cultural settings. For more information, contact Nancy Bedford, 847.866.3931 or Osvaldo Vena, 847.866.3867, advisors.

Jerre L. and Mary Joy Stead Center for Ethics and Values (To Top)

An endowed center, the ethics center draws together seminary resources, graduate professional schools, area pastors, and laity to address the compelling ethical issues facing contemporary society; e.g., technological interventions at the beginning and ending of life; war and religion; the plight of children in the cities; the environment; and human experimentation. It seeks to bring a theological perspective to these issues of ecumenical and international scope. Special lecture series and seminars are among the settings which will bring religious communities, seminary scholars, and university colleagues together with the Garrett-Evangelical community. You can contact Brent Waters, director, at 847.866.3915 or stead.center@garrett.edu.

Styberg Preaching Institute
(To Top)

Endowed in 2005, the institute exists to form Christian leaders in the theological and practical disciplines necessary to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ faithfully in the context of contemporary cultures. The resources and programs of the institute are available to students, pastors, and alums. For more information, contact Gennifer Brooks, director, at 847.866.3888 or styberg@garrett.edu.

 WomenIMAGES (Women in Ministry at Garrett-Evangelical Seminary) (To Top)

Established in the early 1970s to provide programs and act as a catalyst for the whole community, this center provides community and educational opportunities for women and seeks to create a nonsexist context for theological education. The center offers student-organized opportunities for learning and advocacy. For further information contact Virginia Lee, advisor, at 847.866.4549.



Garrett-Evangelical was founded more than 150 years ago on an inspiration and a gift from civic leader and philanthropist Eliza Garrett. She selected a bucolic lakefront site in a grove of oaks a dozen or so miles north of the maddening crowd in downtown Chicago, where her husband served as mayor. The town that grew up by the seminary was eventually incorporated as Evanston, named for John Evans, who helped Eliza Garrett realize her dream for this place of theological study.


Today, Garrett-Evangelical is intimately connected with Chicago, and students take advantage of the abundant opportunities offered by the world-class city looming just south of the campus.

  • Through ACTS (Association of Chicago Theological Schools), our students have access to courses at 11 Chicagoland seminaries.
  • Through Garrett's collaboration with SCUPE (Seminary Consortium for Urban Pastoral Education), students have an opportunity to earn an Urban Ministry Concentration.
  • Through a 150-year relationship with Northwestern University, our students can enroll in courses and use libraries at one of the nation's most prestigious universities.
  • Beyond the classroom, students choose from a wide range of urban, suburban and even rural sites for field education.
  • And when it's time to relax, students snap pictures by "The Bean" at Millennium Park... take in a play in Chicago theater district... revel in the wonderfully diverse music scene at clubs throughout the city... ride the El to nearby Wrigley Field and relish a Chicago-style hotdog at a Cubs game... soak up sunshine at one of Chicago's many sandy beaches... bicycle on miles and miles of lakefront trails... and take sailing lessons on Lake Michigan through the seminary's connection with Northwestern University.


As you will see while exploring these links, when it comes to Chicago, our students' urban education (and adventure) is limited only by their imagination.

Visit the links below to learn more about what extraordinary opportunities this city presents:

City of Chicago   Chicago Sports
Centers, Museums, Institutes   Chicago Universities
Chicagoland Sites    


 City of Chicago (To Top)

Chicago "L"

City of Chicago


O'Hare International Airport

Midway International Airport


 Centers, Museums, Institutes (To Top)

The Art Institute of Chicago

DuSable Museum

Illinois Holocaust Museum and Education Center

Museum Campus (Field Museum, Sheed Aquarium, Adler Planetarium)

The Newberry Library

Oriental Institute

Smith Museum of Stained Glass

Spertus Center for Jewish Studies


 Chicagoland Sites (To Top)

Baha'i Temple

Buckingham Fountain

Buddy Guy's Legends (Blues Club)

Chicago Botanic Garden

Chicago Temple

Frank Lloyd Wright's Oak Park Studio

John Hancock Building

Lakefront Path

Lincoln Park Zoo

Millennium Park

Navy Pier

North Avenue Beach

Northly Island and Charter One Pavilion

The Second City

Soldier Field

United Center

Willis Tower (formerly Sears Tower)

Wrigley Field


 Sports (To Top)

Chicago Bears

Chicago Bulls

Chicago Cubs

Chicago Fire

Chicago White Sox

Chicago Sky


 Chicago Universities (To Top)

DePaul University

Loyola University

Northwestern University

University of Chicago

UIC (University of Illinois Chicago)

Student Organizations

 Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary is proud to offer a number of diverse student organizations that foster community, leadership opportunities, scholarship, dialogue, and awareness.

If students desire to initiate other groups, the Dean of Students is available to carry on dialogue in exploring new options.

Asian/Asian-American Student Association     Order of St. Luke
Chapel Choir     Order of St. Philip
Covenant Group     Praise Ensemble
Ecclesia Liturgical Dance Group     Sacred Worth
Forum for Evangelical Theology     Theta Alpha Kappa
Garrett-Evangelical Black Seminarians     WomenIMAGES
Gospel Ensemble      


 The Asian/Asian-American Student Association (To Top)

The Asian/Asian-American Student Association is a student group which includes US citizens and international Asians on student visas. Its primary purpose is to provide support and fellowship and to promote an awareness of Asian culture and customs in the seminary community.



 Chapel Choir (To Top)

The seminary choir sings during chapel services each week and rehearses two times a week. Choir members can earn one unit of credit for participating in the choir for three complete quarters.
Director: Ron Anderson
Organist: Kathy Heetland



 Covenant Group (To Top)

Covenant groups, such as prayer groups and theological reflection groups, are organized by student initiative. Their purpose is to facilitate Christian fellowship and reflection within the community. Covenant groups sometimes form around a specific intention such as the exploration of new worship literature, Bible study, or a specific theological discussion topic. Faculty often assists in the development of these groups. The Director of Spiritual Formation and the Dean of Students provide support and staff assistance. The Director of Special Services also assists in finding appropriate meeting places for covenant groups. The Chairperson of the Spiritual Formation Committee assists in coordinating these groups. Orientation and organizing dates take place at the beginning of each semester.
Coordinator: Cynthia Wilson



 Ecclesia Liturgical Dance Group (To Top)

The ministry of Ecclesia is to provide students of diverse backgrounds an opportunity to serve God through liturgical dance. This ministry will be geared towards diverse skill levels and it will incorporate different forms of liturgical dance expressions.


 Forum for Evangelical Theology (To Top)

The purpose of this forum is to engage in conversation about the Christian faith from an evangelical perspective. This forum is led by a team of seminary students.



 Garrett-Evangelical Black Seminarians (G-EBS) (To Top)

The purpose of G-EBS is to promote scholarship and fellowship among African American students and to sensitize the seminary community to the black religious experience. The group sponsors programs, worship services, and other activities that affirm and encourage appreciation for African American customs, culture, and religious traditions. Membership is open to African Americans and international students from Africa and the Caribbean.
Faculty Advisor: Reginald Blount
Student Co-Chairs:


 Gospel Ensemble (To Top)

This ensemble is open to all persons who enjoy singing gospel music. Rehearsals, on Tuesdays at 9:00 pm, are prayerful, spirit-filled fellowship times which often provide a needed lift after a long day of classes. The ensemble performs a variety of music - anthems, spirituals, hymns, traditional and contemporary gospel - for the Garrett-Evangelical and Northwestern communities.
Director: Kelly Tiebout


 Order of St. Luke (To Top)

This religious order in the United Methodist Church is dedicated to sacramental and liturgical scholarship, education, and practice. It was founded in 1946 to strengthen Christians in their spiritual journey through a life of disciplined prayer with a strong emphasis on the sacraments as means of grace. Its moving and sustaining force is that vision of John and Charles Wesley that sought to bring about a sacrament as well as evangelical revival in the church. Activities of the seminary chapter include educational events focusing on worship, community worship events, and other activities that develop spiritual growth.
Formation Officer: Ron Anderson



 Order of St. Philip (To Top)

The Order Of Saint Philip is dedicated to evangelism and evangelistic scholarship, education, and practice.  The Order strives to be active in the Garrett-Evangelical community, as well as the surrounding areas and world at large. We strive to be an order that is a diverse community of peoples, lay and clergy, from numerous denominations, seeking to share the Good News of God's love and eternal salvation through Jesus Christ.
Faculty Advisor: Mark Teasdale
Student Rep:





 Praise Ensemble (To Top)

This singing group was formed to introduce the seminary community to the latest music of contemporary Christian musicians. They generally participate in the Thursday morning chapel services.
Director: Andrew Collins


 Sacred Worth (To Top)

Sacred Worth at Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary is a student group that seeks to advocate for the dignity, rights, and issues of the LGBTQ communities and their allies. It is a place of fellowship and support for all persons. We affirm that all persons are of sacred worth, created in the image of God. Every effort is made to recognize the rights of all people and to celebrate each person regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity.
Faculty Advisor: Pamela Holliman


 Theta Alpha Kappa (To Top)

Theta Alpha Kappa (TAK) is the national honor society for Religious Studies and Theology. Students. It is the only national honor society dedicated to recognizing academic excellence in baccalaureate and post-baccalaureate students and in scholars in the fields of Religious Studies and Theology. Garrett-Evangelical students with at least a 3.5 GPA and who have completed half of their degree requirements are nominated for membership. You can learn more about TAK here.



 WomenIMAGES (Women In Ministry At Garrett-Evangelical Seminary) (To Top)

This organization focuses on women in ministry, affirms openness and receptivity to women throughout the seminary, and gives special attention to the concerns of women in church and society. The seminary is committed to addressing the special educational needs of women, as well as creating a non-sexist and inclusive environment for theological education. Student representatives present the visibility, leadership, and perspectives of women through participation in student governance structures.
Faculty Advisor: Virginia Lee
Student Co-Chairs: Jessica Baker


Student Council

 The Student Council at Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary is comprised of Garrett-Evangelical students (and two advisors) that meet monthly. Its purpose in relation to the Garrett-Evangelical community is

  • To actively promote intentional and thorough information sharing among the faculty body, the student body, and the administrative body
  • To enable each body (faculty, student, and administrative) to remain responsibly informed about committee work and current issues within the academic, administrative, spiritual, and social lives of the Garrett-Evangelical community
  • To provide each body with a structure that convenes to discuss issues, set goals, and priorities, and organize to further these goals, as well as to further the quality of life within the Garrett-Evangelical community as a whole
  • To incorporate each body into the decision-making process of the Garrett-Evangelical community

Its purpose in relation to the student body is

  • To promote dialogue within the student body
  • To build a sense of community and solidarity
  • To empower the student body by enabling it to come together as one body to asses needs, to address areas of concern, and, as a united student body seeking to express itself as a community of faith, to set priorities and actively work for them
Student Council Officers       Student Council Committees


 Student Council Officers 2013-2014 (To Top)

Female Co-Chair: Pamela Keys
Male Co-Chair: Thomas Yang
Parliamentarian: Jake Ohlemiller
Treasurer: Nicholas Grove
Secretary: Brenda Kostner
Student Life Representative/University Relations: Christer Mawia
Spiritual Formation Representative: Lauren Rheingans
Student Funds Representative: Christine Wilke
Trustee: Emily Lutz
Trustee: Stanley Giles
Trustee: Eddie Crise
Trustee: Jessica Baker

 Student Council Committees(To Top)

The following five committees, each focused on specific aspects of community life at Garrett-Evangelical, are composed of voting members of the Student Council. Elected membership of each committee includes the chairperson, 3 returning students and 1 first-year or new transfer student.

Academic Programs:
This committee is concerned with all academic policy. Members of the committee will serve on the following selected faculty committees: Masters Degrees, Library, Internationalizations/Cross Cultural, and Lecture.

Student Life:
This committee is concerned with organizing activities that will enhance the student life of the Garrett-Evangelical community.

Spiritual Formation:
This committee is concerned with the sacramental, liturgical, devotional, and spiritual life of the Garrett-Evangelical community. The committee appoints one member to the faculty worship committee.

Student Fund:
This fund was established in 1991. Each year the fund assists students who experience an emergency that places them in unexpected financial need. Student Fund distribution is administered by a committee of students in a procedure that protects the anonymity of the applicants. Applications for funds may be obtained from the office of the Dean of Students. This committee meets as applications are received to make determinations for distribution. Blessings flow both ways as the fund also provides an opportunity for students to give. Donations for this fund are received at any time in the cashier’s office.

Because of the emergency nature of this committee, elected members must be available to be in communication with the Dean of Students and with each other throughout the full calendar year of their term.

University Relations:
This committee is concerned with the relationship between Garrett-Evangelical and Northwestern University. The committee focuses on communication, promotion, and encouragement of participation in the life of both campuses in the area of academics, campus ministry, and religious life.


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